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Garlic + Hawthorn

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Ask a question
255 conversations around the web about Garlic + Hawthorn to help you make a decision
255 conversations around the web about Garlic + Hawthorn to help you make a decision
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Garlic & Hawthorn

We found 255 discussions
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" ...D, Fish oil capsules., BCAA's, Garlic to keep my BP in check on cycle (or Hawthorn), multi vit (cheap one), HMB... "

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" ...I've gone through truck-fulls worth of Hawthorn Berry, alongside Garlic, CoQ10 and Cayenne .. Hawthorn seems to work on and off .. it's odd... "

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" ...hawthorn 3x a day ...low dose/baby asprin and garlic. Fish oil is gross.... "

" B12 - 2000 D - 2000 Omega3 6000 garlic 500 hawthorn 565 multi vit EPO 3000 ALA 200 niacin 500... "

" ...on Multaq for about ten months. No Afib at all, no side effects. I take Magnesium, CoQ10, Omega 3, Garlic, Hawthorn, Selenium and a... "

" ...Q10 along with the herb Hawthorn for lowering your blood pressure. ...aspirin can be replaced with garlic capsules. All are safe alternatives ...I use the lecl... "

" ...interested -Eat fresh pineapple -Include garlic, kelp and sea vegetable in ...-Bayberry bark, burdock root, goldenseal, hawthorn leaf and flower and myrrh... "

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" off as a product. Its not sustainable to the environment to be making. Thanks for the hawthorn and garlic options. I will read about... "

" ...go I can vouch for said celery seed and hawthorn & I'll add that a healthy dose of a good Garlic supplement has worked wonders for me. Also CoQ-10, Grape... "

" ...High blood pressure symptoms include dizzyness, headache, and/or nosebleed. Hawthorn Fishoil Garlic Folic Acid ^ all known to help with blood... "

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