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(Myxoid cyst)
ganglion cyst, also known as a bible cyst, is a swelling that often appears on or around joints and tendons in the hand or foot...
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13,637 conversations around the web about Ganglion to help you make a decision
13,637 conversations around the web about Ganglion to help you make a decision
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Ganglion & Menstrual Period

0.36% of the posts that mention Ganglion also mention Menstrual Period (49 posts)
Menstrual Period
We found 49 discussions
" ...couple of weeks. Having a ganglion cyst removed. The doc is ...soon enough that my recovery period is done well before July. But ...during my downtime? I'm planning on upping my prote... "

" Bryan,I have had several (7) stellate ganglion nerve blocks for my pain in my left arm from RSD/CRPS. This block and my type of problem. I have had period of up to 2 weeks being pain free and... "

" ...complain about. I get back pain for a day ...all. One wrist has a ganglion cyst and complains a little ...heavy sometimes. I get headaches a couple times a month, possibly also menstruation r... "

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" ...why the virus in the ganglion suddenly wakes up from time ...major dentistry such as having a tooth removed and menstruation. After the cold sore ...the nerve to the ganglion again, where it... "

" ...They appeared about 2 months ago after an extensive period of tree clearing with a chain saw. I had assumed these were ganglion cysts formed by the many hours I spent dragging... "

" ...have both. 12. I have ganglion cysts in my wrists, that ...Florida one year I got tendonitis in my big toe ...was 13 i have had my period.....just bad timing.......yea, that sucks too... "

" ...out in your sacral nerve ganglion. It can travel ...getting exposed to his cold sores/viral particles again. ...hormonal changes like a woman's menstrual period, drinking alcohol, exposure... "

" ...decade with tennis elbow, a ganglion on my wrist, shoulder joints ...chest etc... quite bad and in time with my menstrual cycle (and ovulation) I have never had a dislocation although... "

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" Starting my period...LP was 10 this cycle, up ...all works out. And the ganglion cyst I have in my right wrist is ...tell if it's from my period or the Vitex. On the... "

" ...& hurt all over. I'm on tamoxifen now. Hotflashes not as ...ok. Also she says if period there is less uterine cancer ...bad for you google 'stellate ganglion block'. I've gotten relief you... "

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