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(Myxoid cyst)
ganglion cyst, also known as a bible cyst, is a swelling that often appears on or around joints and tendons in the hand or foot...
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13,623 conversations around the web about Ganglion to help you make a decision
13,623 conversations around the web about Ganglion to help you make a decision
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Ganglion & Lipoma

0.63% of the posts that mention Lipoma also mention Ganglion (77 posts)
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" Big for a ganglion? Has a benign lipoma (fat cell collection) been ruled out? Has it been ...If, in the small possibility that it is a lipoma, the bible won't be much help unless JC pulls... "

" ...appears that you have ganglion, a protrusion of the synovial membrane and the synovial fluid, lipoma, or a boil due ...If it is ganglion it is to be excised. if lipoma and not creating... "

" ...anymore that you were given a ganglion cyst diagnosis eventhough a lipoma should be easily somewhat soft. Lipoma is filled with fat cells and has a rubbery feeling. Lipoma is not usually... "

" ...your cysts located? I have ganglion cysts on my arms and ...gone totally away), and some lipoma's on my chest. These are... "

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" ...past week or two since I noticed it, so the Dr. told me it was a Ganglion cyst from working out too much. I don't know about your lump, but seeing ...weeks, it's probably either a cyst or a beni... "

" ...was talking about is a lipoma. Normally, they say if you be sure. I've got a lipoma behind my ear. They ...of cyst you can get called a ganglion. My dad gets these... "

" Assuming the lipoma is encapsulated (some are not, ...lumpy skin masses (eg a ganglion), bursting the encapsulation (if there ...please dont try bursting your lipoma capsules. At the end... "

" Ganglion Cyst IN foot (bottom) I am ...find someone who has had a similar experience with a ganglion cyst in the foot. My cyst ...was convincd it was a lipoma and not a cyst until... "

" ...likely a ganglion cyst or lipoma and easy to treat it cannot be cancerous! FNAC... "

" Could be a ganglion cyst or a lipoma (benign tumor), but don't read into internet diagnoses. Go to a new doctor and request a biopsy... "

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