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Gallbladder Removed + White Blood Cell Count

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Ask a question
131 conversations around the web about Gallbladder Removed + White Blood Cell Count to help you make a decision
131 conversations around the web about Gallbladder Removed + White Blood Cell Count to help you make a decision
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Gallbladder Removed & White Blood Cell Count

We found 131 discussions
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" gall bladder out two ...and pale..I was in the hospital over the weekend they thought I might have had a Apendicitis but the CT scan was negative and my white blood count was normal. Althoug... "

" ...weddings, I skipped a few weeks after an emergency gallbladder surgery and once for low white cells. That's awesome news on your Dad. He is Stage... "

" ...had gallbladder removed, low WBC count. What does the situation just extremely white cells have been on the i had my gallbladder out two year ago (gallstones)..... "

" ...I had my gall bladder removed on nov 30th. My wbc count went up while ...fatty liver.\" Well. I didnt have elevated liver enzymes prior to what I found, gall bladder removal shouldnt me... "

" ...I had to have ly gall bladder removed today Plus I have pancreas infection.... my white blood count was 32% last I heard... "

" ...My husband finally got his gallbladder removed a couple of weeks ago ...have affected his sperm? His white blood cell count was high prior to the... "

Post from
" ...exact thing. Had her gallbladder out last week. She was still in pain, and now is ...ultrasound and check your white blood cell count. Keep bugging your doctor.... "

Post from
" Quote: I've had a low WBC count and slightly enlarged spleen off ...I did end up having gall bladder issues and had my gall bladder removed. Last blood work came back... "

" that he has sepsis due to an infected gallbladder. they cannot take the gallbladder out because he would never but if his white blood cell count continues to go up,... "

" final appointment today. there only concern was my white blood cell count was high, but both lori and barb think it ...wait. when i had my gall bladder out i was so afraid! this... "

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