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Hiatal Hernia

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(Hiatus hernia)
hiatus hernia or hiatal hernia is the protrusion (or herniation) of the upper part of the stomach into the chest through a tear ...
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Common Hiatal Hernia treatments discussed around the web
Omeprazole 1,112 Gaviscon 451 Mylanta 114
42,497 conversations around the web about Hiatal Hernia to help you make a decision
42,497 conversations around the web about Hiatal Hernia to help you make a decision
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Gallbladder Removed & Hiatal Hernia

We found 854 discussions
" ...I had my gallbladder out at the same time as the lapband was installed. They went from different sides of the body to prevent contamination. I also had my hiatal hernia fixed at the... "

" gallbladder out 13 months post-RNY. ...also developed a hiatal hernia 4 or so years post-RNY. We did the endoscopy thing but we decided just to watch it and use Omeprazole (generic Prilosec)... "

" ...having my gallbladder out. Instead, I ...symptoms of it? Sheesh. So, the GI doc is doubling my dosage of Nexium in an effort to control it. Oh, and I've also developed a small hiatal hernia.... "

" 123 which is perfect for my height. I also had my hiatal hernia fixed (to get rid of my GERD) and had my gallbladder out at the same time - I was pretty sick for quick a few years and it was... "

" ...omeprazole since I picked up a bunch when I was in the US (it's not available in Australia and it's cheaper than nexium) but I'm out and restarting nexium 20mg tomorrow. I'll be interested to see i... "

" ...US. I too was diagnosed with gallstones, had my gall bladder removed and subsequently was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. I was initially presecribed 10mg omeprazole and over the years this... "

" have a hiatus hernia and Barrett's and I am on Omeprazole. I have never been ...occasions but do have the chest pain. I had my gallbladder out 4 weeks ago as ...least when I was so overw... "

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" ...this I was given Ranitidine (Zantac) 150mg... it wasn't enough so they told me to take it twice a day. Later on (after having my gallbladder removed) I still had a lot of pain and heartburn after... "

" ...up from surgery with my gallbladder removed and hiatal hernia repaired, too! My pain under ...and middle of my chest was hiatal hernia! Have ... "

" ...something more. I also had a hiatal hernia repaired and my gallbladder removed... So i have a feeling... "

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