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Gallbladder Removed + Avocado

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81 conversations around the web about Gallbladder Removed + Avocado to help you make a decision
81 conversations around the web about Gallbladder Removed + Avocado to help you make a decision
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Gallbladder Removed & Avocado

We found 81 discussions
" My wife (62) recently diagnosed muscle invasive bladder cancer. just finished one month you can digest. avocado, coconut, it is called ...years ago to have gallbladder surgery. lungs too ... "

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" ...will react. I had my gallbladder out a few years ago and since then have had troubles digesting fats, especially after periods ...single sitting and adding more avocado would just up carbs as... "

" just had your gall bladder out. It has taken me ...months to eat nuts and avocado without getting diarrhea ... "

" ...fat is a problem. Gallbladder removed years ago. Nausea started ...fat-cheddar, cream. Before fat from avocado-2 or 3?a day, no prob. Not lactose intolerant. Ideas for other fat... "

" Had my gall bladder removed in 2005. No ill effects, I get a bit light headed if I eat prawn/shrimp and also avocado but not always, it's like sometimes this type of... "

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" ...I have a patient qith gallstones who's MD gave her ...avoid until she gets her gallbladder out. She is working with me peppers rutabagas turnips sauerkraut avocado raw apple melons ... "

" ...week after gallbladder surgery; was doing ...step backwards. Felt so sick, lightheaded, weak ...fats back in - avocado? Maybe I did it too soon... I also read where gallbladder surgery c... "

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" i had my gall bladder out in April of 2006, i currently have salad dressing ...and i avoid red meat... sometimes i have an avocado. i dont' have a lot of problems with my... "

" ultra-sound today to see if I need my gall bladder removed. And I know fats are a problem. Am wondering...whether ...have it out or not...are avocado and coconut oil still an... "

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" Hi Mandy I had my gallbladder out and also have to be careful with fat, though ...but am ok with moderate amounts of nuts, oil, avocado, butter, some cheese. How much more weight would u... "

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