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Other names: Neurontin, Gabarone
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
*Off Label
Gabapentin (brand names Fanatrex, Gabarone, Gralise, Neurontin, Nupentin) is a pharmaceutical drug, spec...
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Gabapentin for Pain
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7 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Gabapentin cause Memory Problems ?

Memory Problems is a known side effect of Gabapentin
#14 in Gabapentin discussions - 250 posts discuss Memory Problems with Gabapentin. Memory Problems is #14 concern in Gabapentin discussions.
We found 250 discussions
Post from
" ...had other problems with gabapentin (cough, memory problems, confusion) but not depression. ...dose of pregabalin. Everyone is different but it is worth keeping in... "

" ...I was on a very low dose of gabapentin and I had weight gain and memory problems plus something else, can' t remember. I had a very bad experience coming of ...side effects on gabapentin, but I ... "

" Gabapentin makes me have short term memory... "

" ...a day. I have a small amount of occasional breakthrough pain, but it is ...beginning of January. I had horrible memory problems and brain fog from both Gabapenti... "

" ...I am vimpat and Gabapentin and plus alot of other meds. I have multiple sclerosis and that is the problem so it could be that or many other things, but can totally relate to having... "

Post from
" Gabapentine aka nuerotine state in the side effects that it can cuase dizziness and memory issues. Which brings up the question ...memory how much of my memory issues are due to the watchamacallit... "

" ...gave me extreme brain fog and short term memory problems. I still take... "

Post from
" i find that the medication gabapentin helps me with social anxiety and i have tried a lot of other mediocations but i get some memory disturbances. i get discouraged by this as i wonder if... "

" ...that with my memory issues (amplified by the gabapentin) there very well might be ...light, etc.) is gabapentin one of those drugs that needs to gradually increase in the bloodstream? From w... "

" ...Gabapentin for a while, and stopped taking it. Now I am experiencing some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental. I'm very moody (even crying a lot), anxious, depressed and have m... "

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