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GI Problems

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(Gastrointestinal disorders NEC)
Common GI Problems treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 198 Probiotic 155 Prilosec 140
18,224 conversations around the web about GI Problems to help you make a decision
18,224 conversations around the web about GI Problems to help you make a decision
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GI Problems & Withdrawal

1.56% of the posts that mention GI Problems also mention Withdrawal (285 posts)
GI Problems
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We found 285 discussions
" ...of his GI problems. Withdrawal plays havoc with stomach and bowel. If he is already on a benzo, he should stay on it because one thing at a time is enough. I'm still taking the Ativan and... "

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" ...If so, how would you respond to it? If not, I will find the article and paraphrase it for you. Also, cognitive problems were never one of my major symptoms. I had/have GI problems,... "

" find friends, go out but i put things somewhere i forget. i want to be happy with gi problems all my life the withdrawal will be horrible for me i got to stop thinking negative.... my brain... "

" ...withdrawal. These went on for so long that I forgot what life was like without them. No gas, really, but increasingly, over the years, I'd hear the strangest sounds coming from my stomach. Kind o... "

" I'm glad you found us too Mec. These symptoms are typical for withdrawal. But I'm like you in that I had no and I still have a lot of GI problems and back pain and occasional... "

" attributed to benzos. If she is having muscle twitching, GI problems, Insomnia, i would say she is experiencing benzo withdrawal. I took klonopin for ...mess. If it is withdrawal, no one can... "

" ...I see that [...] has already mentioned the GI problems she had. Seems to be pretty common. I am on prevacid for GERD so maybe that ...avoid stomach pains while withdrawing. I really don't kno... "

" ...have a lot of GI problems without benzos. Now my stomach is giving me fits like yours is. Having had colorectal surgery, I'm hypersensitive to it. I'm sure it'll pass though. Everything you've... "

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" ...when you don't take Ativan for a few days, beware of increasing the dosage. I took Ativan for insomnia for three years. I decided to stop taking it cold turkey after it started to cause terrible GI... "

" ...17 days (since I quit benzos). But today I was finally ...get nausea daily and have GI problems, but Pepto Bismol helps as does ginger ...How far along in your withdrawals are... "

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