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(Gastrooesophageal reflux disease)
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), gastric reflux disease, or '...
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Common GERD treatments discussed around the web
Zantac 16,376 Nexium 16,104 Prilosec 15,731
375,339 conversations around the web about GERD to help you make a decision
375,339 conversations around the web about GERD to help you make a decision
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GERD & Sea Salt

We found 111 discussions
" Apple (any) and Honey with sea salt helps my anti-acid reflux. If I have an attack, I take 1 teaspoon of honey with warm water. The relief is fast. It's good also... "

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" Weird, I have been suffering a lot of heartburn and acid reflux lately, even when all I haven't had anything other ...drink. I have been drinking sea salt water, and was blaming the... "

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" Your acid reflux problem is simply found in the fact that you're ...a gallon of water that is room temperature. Add sea salt to your water. 1/4 teaspoon per quart. I teaspoon... "

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" Lays Sea Salt & Black Pepper (but they're not widely available) Baked ...Pringles Plain (very infrequently; they play h**l with my acid-reflux) Hey, while we're on chips, does Lays do this... "

" ...of saline rinse? I use sea salt and baking soda, which finally ...yuck out. Do you have allergies. I'm one of the lucky ones with asthma/allergy, GERD and LPR. I call it... "

" ...about holistic med for GERD -- me, myself, am seems to exascerbate my chronic constipation!) sea salt water drinks, digest enzymes, pro ...the cause of my upper digestive problems - Iv... "

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" ...anymore but I found Xanax helpful. If you ...natural cures for acid reflex . You can cure the hernia . I suffered the GERD for 2 yrs straight - ...vinager bottle with sea salt. I just d... "

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" my brother cured his severe GERD that he had to be ...them Also try the apple cider vinegar..according to Kevin Trudeau this sure it is raw ...honey. I like to add sea salt instead o... "

" ...Grizz, Kelp flake salt is sea salt that has a bit of ...of salt water using plain Himalayan Pink. I had a bit of acid reflux the other night, so I'll go on Prilosec for a month just to... "

" ...cook them mainly using sea salt, pepper, and olive oil. ...have to do with my GERD. My mom has really bad GERD and bad breath. She's able to control her bad breath using medicine though. Li... "

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