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(Gastrooesophageal reflux disease)
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), gastric reflux disease, or '...
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Common GERD treatments discussed around the web
Zantac 16,540 Nexium 16,341 Prilosec 16,020
380,840 conversations around the web about GERD to help you make a decision
380,840 conversations around the web about GERD to help you make a decision
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GERD & Prune Preparation

We found 158 discussions
" ...OHHH I love fruit and cheese (swiss goes with prunes, cheddar with apples, mozzrella is great with pears) yep ...are heavier because many of us seem to have a touch of acid reflux. Just a... "

" ...almost 5) but she has wicked acid reflux and the solids help a ...She's eating about a tablespoon or two of solids (prunes, pears, veggies, etc.) and then finishing off on the... "

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" ...I had Cisplatin and it ...was causing alot of GERD and started taking Pepcid AC on a regular basis; it helped tremendously! Cisplatin also constipated me (for the ...was crabbbbbby. 5 prunes ... "

" ...struggled with awful constipation since she with her GERD--that she has GI ...with MiraLax (and mineral oil, too). Dietary changes and things like prunes, etc. have not worked for us. ... "

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" ...complain of his throat hurting and would vomit at times. his problem was he was constipated and it would cause an indegestion/acid reflux that caused his ...wheat, oatmeal and prunes. he is grea... "

" ...diarrhoea I used to get constipated after chemo and just say a tin of prunes in prune juice did the ...that they thought you had acid reflux I was told that too... "

" ...keep anything down I also didn't have dumping syndrome. After having two endoscopy I have a new friend in acid reflux but whats 4 more ...for snacking- also dates, prunes or raisins. Nat Surger... "

" ...had some bloating, churning, acid reflux etc. I feel like ...have resorted to stewed prunes, it helps me, but my ego feels like I'm my grandmother...ugh! Gas-X has also helped me with the... "

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" ...issue left now is his acid reflux and also my son only ...The only foods he likes is rice cereal with prunes, yoghurt, custard, egg, milk, chicken, biscuits. Not sure if... "

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" ...take prevacid for acid reflux (caused by ...a problem with navelbine....I ate lots of prunes and occasionally took a mild laxative. I grew up in Tampa many years ago and think it's a great area.... "

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