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(Gastrooesophageal reflux disease)
Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), gastric reflux disease, or '...
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Common GERD treatments discussed around the web
Zantac 16,540 Nexium 16,340 Prilosec 16,020
380,817 conversations around the web about GERD to help you make a decision
380,817 conversations around the web about GERD to help you make a decision
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GERD & Herniated Disc

0.22% of the posts that mention Herniated Disc also mention GERD (283 posts)
Herniated Disc
We found 283 discussions
" ...pain, sometimes I feel like I have been kicked in that area. I also have a bulging disc in the same area. My GP just said it is either Fibro, reflux or the disc. I do think... "

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" ...a bulging disk between c-4 ...put me on prilosec otc which I take 3 times daily now. Changed my whole lifestyle to help curb gerd symptoms. After the shoulder surgery and treating the gerd I sti... "

" ...idea how to even start. Is it even possible to receive disability for Fibromyalgia? I also have herniated disc in my neck, GERD, degenerative disc in my lower back, anxiety, migraines, and... "

" ...I never ever want to experience dumping and my herniated disk from years ago has anti-inflammatory needs im not so certain ...never even realized till recently that I even had acid reflux... "

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" lasts longer, kills my anxiety for 2 days and ...helps me deal with my herniated disk that pinches my nerve and causes pain and numbness to go ...valium but it causes my acid reflux to act... "

" ...but when I had a herniated disc about 5 years ago, I would wake up in the nite in such pain, I'd just go pop a vicodin & go right back to ...previously & also take nexium for GERD. I just feel ... "

" ...PA school. I'm smart enough to get through med school, but I have less interest in treating acute conditions like a slipped disk or an upper ...hypertension, asthma, IBS, GERD and even depressi... "

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" ...have 3 hernated disks in my neck (c4-c6) so Im no stranger to neck pain...but yours sounds like ...found out I had main sympton was the feeling of a lump in my throat that wouldnt go... "

" ...through the first burn, have my herniated disk in my back go out ...That reminds me, I have to take my high blood pressure medicine, my acid reflux pill and my multi vitimin... "

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" ...I'm 19 and I\"m having major back pain from this bulging disk (with a pinched nerve ...bed for a week. If I do minor yoga (or Chakra) that will cure my problem. Or my GERD (Major, crazy heart bu... "

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