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Frozen Shoulder

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Frozen shoulder, medically referred to as adhesive capsulitis, is a disorder in which the shoulder joint capsule, the connective...
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17,028 conversations around the web about Frozen Shoulder to help you make a decision
17,028 conversations around the web about Frozen Shoulder to help you make a decision
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Frozen Shoulder & Hypothyroidism

0.63% of the posts that mention Frozen Shoulder also mention Hypothyroidism (107 posts)
Frozen Shoulder
We found 107 discussions
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" you mentioned, so thanks for sharing. I have other frozen shoulder risks such as middle-aged woman and hypothyroid as well as Type... "

" ...I said that my frozen shoulder was probably co-incidental and ...with further research I see that frozen shoulder is typical of hypothyroidism, so my personal list of symptoms of hypo just got l... "

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" ...frozen shoulder about 2 years ago. It's ...magnesium? I would have to look to say for certain which ones) so if you're worried about high calcium levels maybe check out what's going on with you... "

" ...about the flu vaccine causing frozen shoulder. My pain started immediately during the ...and I came down with frozen shoulder. I was told the cause was hypothyroid, which is known t... "

" ...pretty sure I have some kind of underlying autoimmune thing going on that was probably the cause of my hypothyroidism to begin with. i've read about \"frozen shoulder\" since I've develop... "

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" ...has been treated by our general doctor for an underactive thyroid for several years. Within the last year she has experienced a frozen shoulder (not from an injury), and hair loss. Our informatio... "

" neighbor isn't hypo (at least not that ...another question since I have read that a frozen shoulder is an autoimmune attack, do ...people who have had a frozen shoulder suffer from hashi's... "

" ...THEN I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and within a ...four years.... Now I have a frozen shoulder which can apparently be something to do with underactive thyroid too!! It just never ends........ "

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" Levoxyl Dose Changes with weight gain/menopause? ...and I have put on 15 pounds. Also had a frozen shoulder the last 6 months so that hasn't helped. I ...wonder if I have gone hypo with all t... "

" ...are more prone to frozen shoulder than others. I'm type I diabetic. Do you have hypothyroidism? I do. Do have low Vitamin D? Any skin conditions? ...Have you ever had muscle pain elsewhere ... "

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