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Vasoconstriction is the narrowing of the blood vessels resulting from contraction of the muscular wall of the vessels, particularly th...
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12,850 conversations around the web about Vasoconstriction to help you make a decision
12,850 conversations around the web about Vasoconstriction to help you make a decision
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Frostbite & Vasoconstriction

We found 19 discussions
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" I have worsening chest pain when I'm pooling more. A vascular doc wanted me to go on a Calcium Channel blocker (for my frostbite/vasoconstriction problems) but the EP cardio said no way! I'm... "

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" ...frostbite is basically the result of vasoconstriction due to cold ...chemical would make frostbite/damage... "

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" ^ Don't know about that. Some psychedelic (tryps or PEAs) can cause vasoconstriction which could lead to frostbite of the extremities in cold conditions. DOC has been known to have some... "

" Prolonged vasoconstriction will usually result in frostbite at those temperatures, so the system favours constriction followed by short periods of dilation to maintain the tissue of the bodily... "

" ...understand that you're also taking the ice away to reduce the chance of frostbite and vasoconstriction which will really not let enough blood in. And, now that I say... "

" was vasodilation and not vasoconstriction? Look at this: \"At ...such conditions as migraine headaches and frostbite.\"... "

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" ...body inward to protect your organs. This is called Vasoconstriction and is a natural response. This is part of why there are frostbite survivors. There is also a... "

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" ...finger solid (ie., fourth degree frostbite), amputated it, and then thawed ...shunted away in the earlier vasoconstriction phases, but certainly some would... "

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" to get the disease especially women that smoke. -Frostbite- basically the destruction of tissue due to freezing, and .... -Stress- there are hormones released that can cause vasoconstri... "

" ...problems are due first to vasoconstriction of your feet due to ...bit like the feeling with frostbite. In my experience start getting ...associated anxiety, when you feel better get back to t... "

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