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Frequent Urination

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(Frequency of micturition)
Frequent urination, or urinary frequency, is the need to urinate more often than usual. It is often, though not necessarily, ass...
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Common Frequent Urination treatments discussed around the web
Cipro 232 Flomax 175 Elmiron 144
46,678 conversations around the web about Frequent Urination to help you make a decision
46,678 conversations around the web about Frequent Urination to help you make a decision
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Frequent Urination & Rice

We found 112 discussions
Post from
" My brother and my father would get urinary frequency as an allergic reaction to certain foods (for Dad it was rice and oatmeal, for bro it... "

" Did your frequent urination problems begin on finasteride or after quitting? In ...try a paleo diet (eliminate rice/grains/sugar/caffeine/alcohol - google it for more... "

" Frequent urination. Vegan diet. Afraid of diabetes ...comorbidities till noe, im having frequent urination ,im afraid i may be ...fruits in morning and less rice in afternoon and again vegetable... "

" Child has frequent stools, greenish color, frequent urination Hello Doctor, I have a seven month old baby, She is fed with rice cerelac, breast feed, daal and... "

Post from
" ...milk based foods e.g. bread, rice, toast, banana. Make sure he ...fluids and keep an eye to make sure he is urinating frequently. If he stops taking fluids, has a raised temperature... "

" insomnia is gone. The frequent urination is still there but I ...problem. I will try red rice yeast & CoQ10. Also, i've ...& sister take 10mg lipitor daily with no problems at all, ... "

Post from
" ...and extremely well too. Yes, rice was definitely the problem. I ...problem but even 1/2 of rice and I bloated up. ...I still had bloating. Because of frequent urination (with lots of vol... "

" ...this group because i have many questions about diabetes which i think you ...i had yeast infections and urinating frequently. i went to the lab 48kg now. by 1/2cup rice every meal and 1... "

" ...9pm 1/3 chicken 2 cups rice 2 cups Bok Choy 1 ...Calcium Citrate Notes: Much more frequent urination, about once every hour or ...I start eating I feel really full very... "

Post from
" ...few phases of really frequent urination. At this point, I'm and father would get urinary frequency when they ate certain grains (wheat for my brother and rice and oatmeal for my fathe... "

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