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Frequent Urination

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(Frequency of micturition)
Frequent urination, or urinary frequency, is the need to urinate more often than usual. It is often, though not necessarily, ass...
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Common Frequent Urination treatments discussed around the web
Cipro 233 Flomax 179 Elmiron 144
47,060 conversations around the web about Frequent Urination to help you make a decision
47,060 conversations around the web about Frequent Urination to help you make a decision
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Frequent Urination & Gallstones

0.04% of the posts that mention Frequent Urination also mention Gallstones (21 posts)
Frequent Urination
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We found 21 discussions
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" ...that I have multiple gallstones and need to ...have just started having frequent urination and pain in my lower right back. Could this be related t... "

" ...i was diagnosed with one calcified gallstone of 5.5 mm with ...Also i do have urinary frequency and some times enuresis ...says everything is fine. I am unable to sleep also. Almost all nig... "

" Since I have been doing my gallstone cleanse (which is working), I have not experienced the frequent urination problem. This is probably due... "

" ...have interstitial cystitis (small bladder, have to urinate frequently, have to take ...hypothyroidism and gallstones. (Barely any ...already had enough trouble getting out due to anxiety, no... "

" Large Gallstones I went to my Dr. for a problem with frequent urination. I was put on antibiotic to rule out any infection. Had series of blood ...urinary tract problems associated with gallstone... "

" ...abdomen and pelvic - negative -gallstone found. Urine test - clear ...bloating, severe lower back pain, frequent urination. Within last couple of weeks... "

Post from
" the torso can have a tendency to refer to other places, making it more difficult to identify the source. For example, when I had pleurisy (which is ...gallstones ...frequent urination,... "

Post from
" ...with the passage of gallstones. I knew my bout ...ago. Slow passage of gallstones, over months and years, doesn't help peacefulness one ...few seem to have resolved this Urinary Frequency t... "

" ...ultrasound to rule out Gallstones. Turns out I didn't have Gallstones but the docs were ...but I suffered an anaphylactic shock reaction on ...that may explain the frequent urination. I rem... "

" was mainly looking for gallstones. Can I have a problem with gallbladder without gallstones? Can I demand some! I have also had frequent urination lately, sometimes darker yellow... "

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