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Frequent Bowel Movements

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3,411 conversations around the web about Frequent Bowel Movements to help you make a decision
3,411 conversations around the web about Frequent Bowel Movements to help you make a decision
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Frequent Bowel Movements & Thyroid Problem

1.23% of the posts that mention Frequent Bowel Movements also mention Thyroid Problem (42 posts)
Frequent Bowel Movements
Thyroid Problem
We found 42 discussions
" ...frequent bowel movements, heart flutters, blood pressure would rise..... There is no happy medium when taking this hormone,, some people are just to sensitive... Something I did not mention is that... "

" ...I do love reading your posts and you have taught me many things on thyroid issues. I know that with Graves disease the frequent bowel movements can lead to a loss of nutrients, and the... "

" ...suffering from some sort of thyroid disorder too, considering I'm tired 24/7, ...are usually quite shaky, i've been having frequent bowel movements lately (sometimes 4 times a... "

" ...have been taking metamucil along with a ...I have been tested for thyroid disease but all came back normal. ...method working for them? I have been having more frequent bowel movements since... "

" ...last few months I've had softer/looser and more frequent bowel movement (usually twice instead of once ...don't suppose it's related to thyroid problems but I'll discuss it with... "

" ...and more frequent bowel movements are related to thyroid disease. You can have constipation, irritable bowel... "

Post from
" ...I had a history of thyroid disease and I told her my aunt had graves disease. She said not to ...I'm almost 5'7\". I'm also having more frequent bowel movements lately. I'm only 17 years... "

" ...i feel i have have thyroid problem and am thinking of getting ...strange feeling in the throat, frequent bowel movements, lethargy, can it be cured?... "

" be addressed as they can manifest with fatigue, frequent bowel movements, etc. I remember you said your labs were ok. ...hope that you can get this issue settled too. Thyroid issues can m... "

" ...had any heat intolerance, frequent bowel movements, nervousness, insomnia, or fatigue? ...any family history of thyroid problems. Check out this website:... "

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