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Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin which are most often visible on people with a fair complexion. A freckle is also called ...
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Common Freckles treatments discussed around the web
Sunblock 902 Retin A 612 Hydroquinone 507
111,749 conversations around the web about Freckles to help you make a decision
111,749 conversations around the web about Freckles to help you make a decision
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Freckles & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 28 discussions
" ...they are not bad..and really do look like freckles for the most part. I would like them to be gone, though. I have been trying to use hydrogen peroxide as a toner on them every night, because the... "

" ...clear skin. I have freckles and would love to ...just mixes in with my once cute freckles causing me to look like ...couple treatments. 1) Lemons or Hydrogen Peroxide on the discoloration dai... "

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" ...or areas of dark skin-sunburn,thus preventing the formation of freckles,birthmarks, pimples, and blackheads. for only 800 yen free shipping w/ free hydrogen peroxid... "

" ...sore and the \"freckle configuration\" with tweezers and then put hydrogen peroxide on them. The \"freckles configuration\" developed a large brown and black scab that... "

" HYDROGEN PEROXIDE FEEDBACK \"I have started to use H202 on the brown sun spots on my left cheek after reading on Earth Clinic that it would fade them. Last night was the 2nd night. I... "

" league here, Freckles. But look at Bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide is just perfect fo... "

" Supposedly Hydrogen Peroxide in percentages of food grade ...of between 20-35% can remove freckles. Most HP sold at drugstores ...have? They are flat like freckles but darker. I thought that... "

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" ...that if I make a paste of turmeric and hydrogen peroxide and rub it all over myself I silmutaneously bleach away freckles and yeast induced acne while getting a healthy orange... "

" ...Step away from the Hydrogen Peroxide. That will not \"bleach\" your freckles or skin discolourations, it a cream/topical forumulation is hydroquinone, at a strength of... "

" ...Along with this I got hydrogen peroxide, in the vein, vitamins, in the vein along with vitamins and minerals, the freckles vanished. That is where all my questions came from.... "

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