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Freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin which are most often visible on people with a fair complexion. A freckle is also called ...
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Common Freckles treatments discussed around the web
Sunblock 902 Retin A 612 Hydroquinone 507
111,674 conversations around the web about Freckles to help you make a decision
111,674 conversations around the web about Freckles to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Freckles

Freckles & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 28 discussions
" ...vs. mole I have some freckles on my back and shoulders but then I also have some dark freckles as well. Are these moles? ...than some of my freckles. Does a Hydrogen Peroxide bath remove th... "

" \"i have freckles and i m asian, i ...can use this remedy at my face to cure the freckles esp hydrogen peroxide is good and not harmful for my freckles. pls must help me abot this, i m real... "

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" ...the 'olden days' to get rid of those unsightly freckles! (Don't you dare do anything to your freckles, they are adorable!) And hydrogen peroxide might do the same thing. But honestly, I don't... "

" ...makes a cream that uses hydrogen peroxide. Also from the derm you can get hydroquinone that bleaches them out. Hyrdroquinone is banned in Europe though. That said, I did use it for a while and... "

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" ...the girls (KitKat and Freckles) KitKat would walk around ...night yowling, looking for her baby, Freckles (16 years old). I put ...your wounds are concerned, pour Hydrogen Peroxide on it and... "

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" ...i've had severe acne since i was 10, looks like i have freckles, and they irritate me so ...(egg mask, glue, ect), steaming, hydrogen peroxide, and even squeezing (which i... "

" ...knocked out where the freckles used to be. This ...stress component in the vitiligo mechanism--hydrogen peroxide is found to be elevated. Given that you had a B12 deficiency, I suspect that yo... "

" ...quite as drastic, take some hydrogen peroxide and some tweezers to those freckles and/or splinters. You get to ...was mesmerizing. Besides, I have so many new scars what's a few more.... "

" ...hydrogen peroxide on my freckles till I accepte... "

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" ...I got those red marks after my 2nd treatment also and only slight swelling and redness after ...I am using hydrogen peroxide and bacitracin to help ...time around many freckles surfaced afte... "

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