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Foot Pain

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Common Foot Pain treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 1,144 Neurontin 1,005 Ibuprofen 716
92,053 conversations around the web about Foot Pain to help you make a decision
92,053 conversations around the web about Foot Pain to help you make a decision
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Foot Pain & Caffeine

We found 97 discussions
" caffine doesn't seem to effect the and it made my feet hurt really bad. I switched to decaf and caffine free and don't seem to ...yeah my cardio. says no caffine so maybe I'd better ... "

" ...the right things though! Just put your feet up as much as possible and stay away from caffeine. My feet hurt so bad that when I get up in the middle of the night or morning I can... "

" So after my amazing \"I need caffeine\" revelation, I made coffee. Of course I didn't actually ...gets home, I'm exhausted!!!! And my feet hurt from all the zumba. I... "

" ...days on this shift with just some ginseng (and advil for my back & foot pain). I did not consume any caffeine or other energy supplements. it worked pretty well, so... "

" Caffeine Free Pepsi Black coffee 1957 Chevy RV travelling out West Camping at State ...out \"Look, she has a slipper on.\" The elderly lady snapped back \"Because I have a sore foot!\"... "

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" CMT-affected muscles and the pain in my feet (due to severe deformities caused ...I bought a load of caffeine tablets from Tesco a few ...but only make me feel even more tired once they're... "

" ...feet and I've started having arthritis related pain a few years ago. Caffeine helps me deal My foot pain isn't that... "

" ...sleepy. and I once had feet pain for 3months and always have ...the stairs.people say dont drink caffiene but I realize it helps ...nerve pain and keeps me from being very sleepy when my medi... "

" ...but i do drink more caffiene now thn i used to ...he night to go to the bathroom because my feet hurt to walk on them and my ankles are stiff. have you found a good dr to go... "

" Went to bed with serious pain in my foot, woke up completely healed - wtf? Anyway, worked all day then trained ...all calories and 2g of caffeine) PM: Muscle snatch 60kg 3x3... "

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