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Focal Nodular Hyperplasia

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Focal nodular hyperplasia (FNH) is a benign tumour of the liver (hepatic tumour), which is the second most prevalent tumour of the liv...
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307 conversations around the web about Focal Nodular Hyperplasia to help you make a decision
307 conversations around the web about Focal Nodular Hyperplasia to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Focal Nodular Hyperplasia

Focal Nodular Hyperplasia & Tumor

29% of the posts that mention Focal Nodular Hyperplasia also mention Tumor (89 posts)
Focal Nodular Hyperplasia
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" ...4. six months ago 3 tumors were located in my liver my parotid gland. the tumor in my parotid was removed ...but are guessed to be focal nodular hyperplasia. 2 nights ago i had... "

" focal nodular hyperplasia - is there anyone out Dr. just found a tumor 5cm by 5.2cm in my 90% certain I have focal nodular hyperplasia. If he is so... "

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" ...UAB in Birmingham to have my liver tumors (I have focal nodular hyperplasia) followed, the nurse prac (who that place again. You have every right to be angry. I would be livid.... "

" ...suffers from a condition called \"focal nodular hyperplasia\". I don't know a lot about it other than they are \"fatty tumors\". My understanding is ...on a lowfat diet. Her \"tumors\" were o... "

" ...tumors? Hi everyone - I'm ...mass on my liver. I have been told it is either a Focal Nodular Hyperplasia or a Hepatic Adenoma (both ...benign although potentially dangerous tumors -- they can... "

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" .... If it is a tumor ..they want to see ...Don't panic just yet!! I'm curious as to why they gave you the ultra sound is the first place...?? Were you having ...set them off? I have 12 tumors ... "

" ...much about it. I have a 5cm tumor in my liver and have ...if it is a nasty tumor then it can be spread by the biopsy. I've known about this tumor for two years and it takes some getting used... "

" ...way. I have a liver tumor as well. ...99% sure that mine is focal nodular hyperplasia (fnh.) I am so ...tumor is. I have these horrible thoughts that my tumor is growing exponentially even... "

" mass was said to have been FNH-focal nodular hyperplasia. Everyone was shocked. I just happy to have this tumor removed. I have surgeron also found another tumor \"hiding\" be... "

" Focal Nodular Hyperplasia? Hi, our 7 year old ...Doctors think it is a Focal Nodular Hyperplasia (FNH) tumor. Does anyone know much about... "

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