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flush is to become markedly red in the face and often other areas of the skin, from various physiology conditions. Flushing is general...
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Common Flushing treatments discussed around the web
Clonidine 1,114 Clonodine 103 Dixarit 26
53,400 conversations around the web about Flushing to help you make a decision
53,400 conversations around the web about Flushing to help you make a decision
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Flushing & Pins And Needles

0.16% of the posts that mention Flushing also mention Pins And Needles (83 posts)
Pins And Needles
We found 83 discussions
" ...liver at certain dosages? it's interesting I find that my head feels like pins and needles ...the immediate effect you get and the flushing se "

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" ...Also how did you figure out that this was definitively auto immune/inflammatory and how can do. I have the flushing and the hair loss. ...involved. I also feel pins and needles all ove... "

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" has been awful all 6 days - 4 hours after I have taken it severe all over flushing and burning, tingling,pins and needles left arm and hand, itchyness all over, swelling of both feet, nausea for... "

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" ...and I have done that for 11 years. Throughout the day I get flushing, pins and needles, and unbelieveble itchiness that does not stop unless I get focused, calm and... "

" ...minimal SEs -mainly feelings of flushing and sweats but they ...I have only experienced this since starting Citalopram. Has anyone else noticed this? It's sort of pins and needles, that's the be... "

" ...allergies or it could just be due to your flushing. When my nose flushes it swells also and I get the pins and needles feeling. But when I get allergies my nose feels as it gets somewhat swollen... "

" Hi my husband was on Folfox and had the hot facial flushing effect as well. Also pins and needles and sharp pains touching anything ...long it takes for the pins and needles to go away as it... "

" ...I get tingles/pins and needles/numbness a round my cheeks. ...times I can get these little red patches and my cheeks derm and he still believes it is rosacea (flushing type) Hope th... "

" ...Next, I am on diflucan for 20 ...My OB then prescribed me nifedipine for possible vasospasms. I'm experiencing both flushing and headaches on that ...Does anyone else have persistant pins and... "

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" ...I did get episodes of flushing and pins and needles, then later when ...didn't know what it was, but decided to stop the SERC and the ...disease involvement. Cinnarizine has been the best dr... "

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