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flush is to become markedly red in the face and often other areas of the skin, from various physiology conditions. Flushing is general...
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Common Flushing treatments discussed around the web
Clonidine 1,116 Clonodine 103 Dixarit 26
53,544 conversations around the web about Flushing to help you make a decision
53,544 conversations around the web about Flushing to help you make a decision
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Flushing & Low Blood Pressure

0.72% of the posts that mention Flushing also mention Low Blood Pressure (384 posts)
Low Blood Pressure
We found 384 discussions
" ...kind of rosacea as well, and it seems like absolutely nothing I try helps. And I can't take clonidine because I already have very... "

" ...the flushing burning what to do? i want clonidine but my dr says i cant because of my low blood pressure. what can i take? i will be trying anti axiety drug soon but does that control flushing.... "

" ...up too quickly. I believe that clonidine is used to lower blood pressure, so I wouldn't be surprised if this caused dizziness. I remember feeling nauseous when my flushing was really bad -... "

" ...about remeron and clonodine and its effect to reduce flushing. I have type 1 rosacea and have bad flushing which has been getting worse over the years. It seems like this combo has ...have low B... "

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" ...months? I get flushed face and neck ...I also have problems with hypotension but mine is postural - if I stand up quickly I lose my vision almost every time (until I started taking florinef) an... "

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" ...via neostigmine. Convicts with history of IV drug user for point to instances where the intravenous line has failed and survive the execution later develop flushing, hypotension, urticaria,... "

" ...since this happened I have been flushing and now have low blood pressure and dizzy. The flushing is getting worse also. No fever, stomach, or other medicine changes, I am tired, but that i... "

" ...increases low blood pressure and it is used to widen pupil in eye and to treat impotence. This medication can ...increased heart rate, nervousness, flushing, headache, irritability and sweating.... "

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" ...lady has wheezing with her flushing episodes, as well as diarrhea. On examination she also has pulsatile hepatomegaly and a ...She also has associated paroxysmal hypotension during a typical... "

" Blood Pressure/Flushing Hi All I have noticed say that you suffer with low blood pressure. Well i have the ...or not? Another question i have is regarding the flushing. I get warm che... "

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