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Other names: Lidex, Vanos
Method of use: Gel, Ointment
Prescribing mode: Rx
Fluocinonide (Fluonex, Lidex, Lidex-E, Lonide, Lyderm, and Vanos) is a potent glucocorticoid stero...
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Fluocinonide for Itching
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Fluocinonide for Itching

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ream 0.50% for itch and rash. itch is gone..holes have de...
" ...they do not bleed..I had a itchy rash on lower leg and ...on surface of skin..I used Fluocinonide cream 0.50% for itch and rash.  itch is gone..holes have developed and ...Dermatology, Skin infections, skin... "

ok really ugly.I don't itch anymore, and all I really want...
" I'm a 17 year old female, and I'm trying to get rid of my eczema before winter kicks in, ...it now. Right now I'm using Fluocinonide, and at first the eczema got way better but now it's kind ...they stand ou... "

it would clear on it's own. She gave me Fluocinonide...
" ...can overreact and produce other itchy bumps. She did not seem very concerned and said she suspected it would clear on it's own. She gave me Fluocinonide cream, oral prednisone and cultured... "

sn't making it better. She also prescribed Zyrtec...
" ...calf. They do not itch or cause any type of discomfort. My dermatologist originally prescribed Fluocinonide which I have used for about a month. There has been no change other then it spreading... "

e nerves at least for a little relief. Scratching the itch o...
" ...still itching, Dr. prescribed Hydroxyzine and referred to Dermatologist who diagnosed LSC also known as neurodermatitis. Dr. injected each area with a steroid I believe, then prescribed... "

work. I had extreme itching and dandruff. Now, no itching,...
" ...For itching she prescribed fluocinonide topical solution usp 0.05. The pharmacist wanted to make sure I understood not to use this med if I have any breaks on my skin because it can get into the... "

ny drop into each ear helps with wax control and itching. e...
" ...you have a lot of itching inside the ear at all? ...use a prescription called Fluocinonide Topical Solution 60ml dose. have used it for years. a tiny drop into each ear helps with wax control and... "

in 2 days.. The Dermatologist did prescribe FLUOCINONIDE...
" IMO, Dapsone is a miracle drug.. The water blisters ...then 2 weeks and the itch was relieved quite a bit in 2 days.. The Dermatologist did prescribe FLUOCINONIDE 0.05%, but it can ...no doubt that I... "

build up and thicken, its disgusting and hurts and itches...
" ...hurts like hell). i use fluocinonide .05 at night like once every two days or so. it seems to control it (if i don't use it, -ok i know this is gross- but the flakes will build up and thicken, its... "

also recommended Eucerin to help relieve the itching. The...
" ...gave me a prescription for Vanos (fluocinonide) cream 0.1%. He also recommended Eucerin to help relieve the itching. The Vanos is rather expensive,... "

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