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Fluid Overload

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Hypervolemia, or fluid overload, is the medical condition where there is too much fluid in the blood.The opposite condition is h...
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3,189 conversations around the web about Fluid Overload to help you make a decision
3,189 conversations around the web about Fluid Overload to help you make a decision
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Fluid Overload & Kidney Failure

3.79% of the posts that mention Fluid Overload also mention Kidney Failure (121 posts)
Fluid Overload
Kidney Failure
We found 121 discussions
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" ...renal failure. He needs further diagnostic tests and requires further monitoring. He has signs and symptoms of volume overload, and he may yet respond to loop diuretics. A trial of IV... "

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" : I had a similar problem with fluid overload when I was first diagnosed with kidney failure. My cardiologist put me on lasix and a beta-blocker. ...gotten enlarged by fluid overload caused ... "

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" distracted while ...intervening replies. Let me just add that I think the PB is from fluid overload and considering I wouldn't want to give her lasix with her kidney failure and EG poisonin... "

" ...research on the subject renal failure stuck out to me again this in not an capacity you have a volume overload of water coming ...lot of people suffering from renal failure are on... "

" My mom has just started PD due to kidney failure from her Scleroderma. She ...fluid build up from the kidney failure and her last hospital stay she had fluid overload. She has been on oxyg... "

" nope meant hypervolemia, CHF clients have hypervolemia, renal failure, etc but also for hypovolemia clients.. go read a book I see someone has been googling hard,... "

" I had horrible ohss with my twins. So severe I was hospitalized for a week. I gained 50lbs in ...of fluid from me, I was going into renal failure from fluid volume overload, my blood pressure was s... "

" 17 years ago that I was in the process of kidney failure. So in reality ...from the diabetic clinic 4 years ago. I was taken into renal ward because of fluid overload and my egfr had gone v... "

" Kindly rule out renal failure, hypoalbunemia, deep vein thrombosis,hypothyroidism well. She has been on diuretics (lasix) but it seems she is still in volume overload, so do take ... "

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" ...despite being normotensive now. I'd be concerned about the volume overload on the heart or kidneys. Great way to initiate the beginnings of heart failure and/or kidney failure.... "

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