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Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is an infectious disease caused by RNA viruses of the biological family Orthomyxovir...
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Common Flu treatments discussed around the web
Tamiflu 17,926 Tylenol 11,081 Acetaminophen 6,882
1,410,158 conversations around the web about Flu to help you make a decision
1,410,158 conversations around the web about Flu to help you make a decision
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Flu & Total Lung Capacity

0.3% of the posts that mention Total Lung Capacity also mention Flu (487 posts)
Total Lung Capacity
We found 486 discussions
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" ...up on paracetamol, keep warm, keep hydrated ...scotch ) and get all the TLC you can get as real flu' is really horribl... "

" ...take it easy this days....the Flu came to me..and I feel horrible. I'm so sorry that bit by the ugly flu bug. Treat yourself with extra TLC. If you just can't eat... "

" ...having the flu is the pits - I hope that you get some TLC from your famil... "

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" ...a cup of lemsip on me!). I have just recovered from this cold/flu thing and it is ...she is free for ... "

",ve got the flu! So, I would treat it as such, lots of rest, drink, and TLC, and hopefully you,ll fe... "

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" ...Tamiflu medicine for her. More precautionary, due to me having it so badly etc. $55 later, we gave her her first dose, and she started vomiting not long after. So a waste of $55, and a sicker littl... "

" Thanks all. Having loads of TLC at present and enjoying it. ...sort of virus as had flu last week and upset stomach and now seem to have a stomach bug. I just can't win!!!... "

" ...temp is 102.5 after taking Advil. Poor guy--he has the flu. Glad I had a flu shot. I'm going to stay ...of him. He needs some TLC. Its getting really cold here,... "

" My girl got the flu about a month ago. She's ...the next day to call, she did , I did and yes it was the flu. They gave her tamiflu and we started it that night. Within 24 ...Just lots of fluid ... "

" ...flu last week and iv only just started feeling better but now theres a huge cold coming out which is making me feel crap yet again! paracetomol, honey and lemon, hot lemonade, oranges and some TLC... "

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