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Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is an infectious disease caused by RNA viruses of the biological family Orthomyxovir...
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Common Flu treatments discussed around the web
Tamiflu 17,926 Tylenol 11,081 Acetaminophen 6,882
1,410,169 conversations around the web about Flu to help you make a decision
1,410,169 conversations around the web about Flu to help you make a decision
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Flu & Tinnitus

0.58% of the posts that mention Tinnitus also mention Flu (1,010 posts)
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We found 1,010 discussions
" ...paxil flu, tinnitus, anxiety, the shakes, the whole 9 yards. I have been back on it now for 2 months and i still feel increased anxiety, i still have tinnitus, and i still get the shakes. I feel li... "

" ...the tinnitus still comes and goes and it can drive me crazy too. I am still not out of the woods yet as I am still taking micro doses of Ativan to keep the w/d away and for me w/d means vertigo... "

" infection in both ears and it did perminate damage and 11 yrs on my ears crackle n pop when I swallow n yarn n even worse tinnitus now it depresses me alot I take sudafed alot... "

" ...have ringing in the ears mom and I had it. I don't remember the name of it (I think it starts with an r ) and he never got the flu nor did he have any side effects. I really have no... "

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" ...tinnitus has got far worse since I was ...had repeating bouts of flu about 5 years ago, I went deaf ...seemed to amplify everything. Treatment for that helped, but the tinnitus is permanent a... "

" ...Safe and Not Teasing My Tinnitus? ...bout of seasonal flu, coughing, running nose, etc. No sore throat, but a dry and very violent cough. also I have got temperature above 38C now. Ibuprofen... "

" ...have flu! I hope you feel better, soon. Nyquil makes my ears ring, too, and instead of making me fall asleep, I get hyper. There is a tylenol liquid flu medicine for night time that works better... "

" ...major league, non-stop tinnitus since Jan ...a hat. Zinc supplements help and so do wintertime echinacia supplements, but nothing really prevents viruses in my case. Some seasons flu vacinations... "

" ...Been off paxil for 2 months, feel alot better now. I also got tinnitus while I was on paxil. My doctor told me it was from a flu that I had. I ...them. I still have tinnitus. When I get ... "

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" went away but i started getting ear ringing which has been going on for like 7 days now like once a day not forever and my ear feels kind of full symptoms: ear fulness 1/10... "

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