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Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is an infectious disease caused by RNA viruses of the biological family Orthomyxovir...
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Common Flu treatments discussed around the web
Tamiflu 17,851 Tylenol 11,038 Acetaminophen 6,852
1,402,746 conversations around the web about Flu to help you make a decision
1,402,746 conversations around the web about Flu to help you make a decision
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Flu & Swollen Arm

5.01% of the posts that mention Swollen Arm also mention Flu (58 posts)
Swollen Arm
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Swollen Arm
We found 58 discussions
" The first flu jab I had did cause ...all I get is a bit of a sore swollen arm which healthy bods do, I also had the penumonia jab I had flu when I was healthy... "

" ...replies. Yes, he did have the big red swollen arm after the vax, but that ...back out. I will try benadryl and see if that helps. egg allergic, so he has never had a flu shot. I will... "

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" Did you get the regular flu shot? Nope Why or Why not? I had a reaction the last time i had one and need to take benedryl to have one Did ...side effects? Hives and swollen arm the last time i... "

" I have had a flu jab at Boots for the ...COPD so will get my flu jab and the 'one time ...never had side effects apart from a stiff and swollen arm. I have been told that if you get flu-like... "

" ...use that lots. I had my whooping cough vaccine and flu jab yesterday morning andi have ...arms. I actually have felt hungover all day and ...way? I also have a big hard red swollen arm where... "

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" Hi all I booked my flu jab today for Wednesday next week. I work at a hospital and had ...done! I am relieved! I had no side effects last year except a swollen arm! I'd advise everyone to have... "

" ...can develop red, hot swollen arm upto 12-24 hrs later. ...problems. I regularly have the flue/pneumonia vaccines (I also have a chronic lung disease as well)without any ...not made my fibr/cf... "

" ...any problems after a flu jab.I had a flu jab Nov 5th fine tuesday apart from a red and swollen arm woke up wednesday morning feeling dizzy unable to walk ...a option.I have have flu jabs other y... "

" ...the number of babies suffering from whooping cough this year and some ...side effect was a hot swollen arm and slight bruise, I had ...a fever but I had the flu jab at the same time... "

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" ...I had to have the swine flu jab. It's ...suffered from the follwing: Swollen arm and frozen shoulder. ...Every year, I get the normal flu jab, and despite having a wee bit of nausea for an... "

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