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Influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is an infectious disease caused by RNA viruses of the biological family Orthomyxovir...
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Common Flu treatments discussed around the web
Tamiflu 17,927 Tylenol 11,081 Acetaminophen 6,883
1,410,278 conversations around the web about Flu to help you make a decision
1,410,278 conversations around the web about Flu to help you make a decision
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Flu & Nerve Damage

We found 411 discussions
" ...pain meds and stretching are getting me through. The spasms are back and a nerve spl. I decided to see in SF is definitely leaning toward a vagus nerve injury that would have occurred when I got... "

" ...My PM Dr. just changed my meds- I switched from MS Contin to methadone (works great on my pain ! ) & neurontin. My PM Dr. is fairly certain I have nerve damage & both these meds are... "

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" ...seem to have another problem with incontinence. I am ...I still have numbness from the ...any infection.have had one major relapse after the flu.required hospitalization.permanent nerve damag... "

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" flu (thought i came up negative on the flu screen). My only symptom was high fever (~102.5). I treated the feaver aggressively becaues I was in Jamaica on a business trip (Motrin... "

" I have some nerve damage in my pectorial reason. I ...of it. Except I had some type of flu and it destroyed some nerves... "

" a flu shot and almost died from GBS a week later. He has permanent nerve damage and the CDC told him he should never get a flu shot again. Because of this our family doesn't get flu shots... "

" ...Guillain-Barre syndrome after a flu vaccine 2 years ago. The syndrome ...paralysis and sometimes permanent nerve damage. He has been through rethink getting a flu shot after that, eve... "

" obvious way. You could already have reduced memory, nerve damage, digestive problems, for instance, and think that it's natural ...20,000 out of 305,000,000 get the flu, I will take my cha... "

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" Got both flu and shingles yesterday. I'm not sure how much good the flu shot is but it won't ...doc. I recently had shingles and I can ...mild case. I still have nerve damage and it may never... "

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" insult my intelligence with telling me I had the flu and then that I was emotionally unstable. This has been a 4 year battle for me because I now have nerve damage, muscle and tissue damage as... "

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