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Flu Like Symptoms

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(Influenza like symptoms)
Influenza-like illness (ILI), also known as acute respiratory infection (ARI) and flu-like syndrome, is a medi...
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Common Flu Like Symptoms treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 1,435 Advil 535 Cough & Sore Throat 128
89,175 conversations around the web about Flu Like Symptoms to help you make a decision
89,175 conversations around the web about Flu Like Symptoms to help you make a decision
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Flu Like Symptoms & Mouth Ulcers

0.39% of the posts that mention Mouth Ulcers also mention Flu Like Symptoms (108 posts)
Mouth Ulcers
Flu Like Symptoms
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Mouth Ulcers
We found 108 discussions
" ...curiosity.. Before I even had missed a period, I had a weird ...really really tired, almost felt flu like, and had a load of mouth ulcers (I never get these!) nausea... "

" ...I had to stop taking sulfasalazine in the 3rd week, due to ill health. I was having flu like symptoms, mouth ulcers, tonue white, sore throat and feeling like sh1t. Saw emergency doc at... "

" ...and emotional/anxious, and also have recurring bouts of flu-like symptoms, which I mentioned to the ...just want to feel better. I really feel ...normal), and I get mouth ulcers and cold sore... "

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" I'm sickie! I've had mouth ulcers (possible oral thrush) which has exacerbated over the last ...came down with a fever, flu-like but not as bad, but... "

" ...had been burnt everytime i tried to eat something,taste went and i had the mother of all mouth ulcers! Then i had flu like symptoms and generally feeling rough from day 3 to day 10. Had 10 half... "

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" ...with my girlfriend. She had a mouth ulcers inside her mouth on her ...I got the same exact mouth ulcers in my mouth . Haven't had flu like symptoms. My question is does ars... "

" ...after 10 days I am ready to give up on Everolimus. I have many side effects - the most painful being mouth ulcers but also including headaches, ...rush and general flu like symptoms. I can see... "

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" celebrex side effects on mouth ulcers I started taking celebrex on month, came down with flu-like symthoms, ulcers in my mouth, prescribed medicine for my mouth ulcers, but cann... "

" ...seen a few posts regarding flu like symptoms once you come off of flush out of your system. Personally I've gone though mouth ulcers and sore throat... Hopefully some of the veterans will... "

" the right direction. Our stories are remarkably similar--down to going 20 years back, mouth ulcers, bipolar, flu-like symptoms... I am just one step ahead of you in finding a dx. I've... "

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