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Other names: Fludrocortisone
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Fludrocortisone (also called 9 -fluorocortisol) is a synthetic corticosteroid with moderate glucocorticoid potency and much grea...
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Florinef for Orthostatic Hypotension
13,245 conversations around the web about Florinef to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Florinef and compared it to other POTS medications
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Florinef & Orthostatic Hypotension

214 discussions around the web mention both
Orthostatic Hypotension
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eliminating my orthostatic hypotension and most of...
" ...fludrocortisone (0.1 mg) daily. Pretreatment, my salt-fasting aldosterone level was 10; and my sodium following the 24 hour salt fast was 137-at the very bottom of the range, but still within. A ... "

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orthostatic hypotension), and that has helped quite...
" ...normal/good. When I'm feeling \"icky/sick\", it isn't that ...taking a low dose of Florinef to help with the low BP (in particular, orthostatic hypotension), and that has helped quite a bit.... "

prescription drug to treat these conditions called Florinef...
" ...orthostatic hypotension or it could be Orthostatic intolerance ....to take your BP sitting and then immediately stand up and take it. Also, in addition to consuming enough salt, look through your b... "

orthostatic hypotension. Many people have had excellent...
" ...is the drug of choice for orthostatic hypotension. Many people have had excellent results and relief from symptoms using florinef. You ...same thing as orthostatic hypotension; it's treate... "

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side effects. Many of us have taken Fludrocort (Florinef...
" ...swear by it for orthostatic hypotension. It has very few side effects. Many of us have taken Fludrocort (Florinef) and Midodrine together ...If you have orthostatic hypotension, I would recomm... "

when I have the occassional bout of orthostatic hypotension...
" ...Florinef for the POTS low blood volume, Im also on Clonidine as Clonidine can work as a BP stabiliser as it helps to prevent noradrenaline spikes (which then can affect the BP causing an increase)... "

I have Idiopathic Postural Hypotension. I have never...
" ...Postural Hypotension. I have never passed out but many do. The problem is due to pooling of blood in the extremities, particurly with changes in posture(standing up). This causes ones blood pressur... "

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for my orthostatic hypotension (Neurally mediated...
" ...Folks, I am considering taking either the medication Florinef or Midodrine for my orthostatic hypotension (Neurally mediated hypotension/or, lowered blood pressure upon standing). Does... "

assume she has orthostatic hypotension, and along with the...
" ...However, I see she is on midodrine a nd florinef, I assume she has orthostatic hypotension, and along with the history of poor response to Sinemet, raises the concern this... "

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I have Postural Hypotension as well. My TT was positive...
" ...Midodrine to raise BP (didn't raise it much and was causing more headaches and chest pain) I have an appoinment next Friday and will try to figure out where to go from here. I do know the dizzy i... "

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