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Method of use: Inhalation
Prescribing mode: Rx
Fluticasone propionate is a synthetic corticosteroid derived from fluticasone used to treat asthma and allergic rhinitis (hay fever). ...
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Flonase for Allergies
15,319 conversations around the web about Flonase to help you make a decision
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Flonase & Corticosteroids

We found 15,320 discussions
" ...hear about corticosteroids i used to use flonase but it didnt seem to help mods corticosteroids are just... "

" ...Have they given you a nasal spray for them? corticosteroids like nasonex or flonase are commonly used... "

Post from
" ...that can shrink nasal polyps without the use of corticosteroids?? I currently take flonase, but need to discontinue usage due to the fact... "

" the ...Allergic rhinitis, which can be treated either with an OTC or RX antihistamine with or without a decongestent can take care of the problem for most people. I have a few friends with ... "

" corticosteroids and hypo i was poking the steroids.... i have had cycle problems after corticosteroid injections for scar tissue - and now i think i'm having problems with Flonase - my ovula... "

Post from
" ...dont want to use flonase or anything because its ...have high cortisol due to corticosteroids. Am i overanalyzing with this and should i just take flonase. Are antihistamines alrite? They... "

" ...sinuses. I had many sinus infections and my nose was often stuffed. I also had severe headaches. My doctor ...polyps. He prescribed nasal spray Flonase and oral corticosteroids for one week.... "

" ...lot more expensive since Flonase is available in generic. I heard the same thing about corticosteroids possibly causing problems with viruses, but I never really looked into it so I'll let heapsrea... "

" ...was taking Flonase and it did help ...I have Lyme disease. When I've tried to go off Flonase it seems to ... "

" You don't have to have a runny nose or PND to have ...a 3 month wait? Did your doc suggest flonase or rhinocort (inhaled corticosteroids common in the treatment of sinusitis)? Any history of alle... "

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