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(Vitreous floaters)
Floaters are deposits of various size, shape, consistency, refractive index, and motility within the Human eye's vitreous humour, whic...
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53,711 conversations around the web about Floaters to help you make a decision
53,711 conversations around the web about Floaters to help you make a decision
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Floaters & Jaw Pain

0.15% of the posts that mention Jaw Pain also mention Floaters (38 posts)
Jaw Pain
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Jaw Pain
We found 38 discussions
" ...The eye doctor sees no damage, and the weird headache/jaw pain has subsided finally. I am told to be on the lookout for black \"floaters\" (not the tennis kind) and any shadow in my... "

" ...have another 20 symptoms. Random jaw pain, unexplained toothaches, massive muscle fasciculations ...blurred vision (and weird blurry floaters), cholesterol issues, testicular stuff, metallic... "

" ...eye pain Sore neck muscles, really tight! Shoulders hunched up around my head. Jaw Pain Bouncing my leg constantly Eye Floaters Emotional for no reason, I feel that I am too short with the... "

" ...brick walls with the Doctors. He also suffers from jaw pain, earaches. We recently came back from Toronto to see ...well. He has also seen floaters and is very light sensitive.... "

" ...low body temperature, night sweats, jaw pain, pains in bones of feet ...ankles, increased motion sickness, increased floaters, problems with old root canals,... "

" ...onto the couch for dear life, floaters in my vision even when my vision is otherwise almost normal, severe neck spasms and jaw pain, etc., etc., etc. The migratory joint pain is... "

" ...was more then just a ache. I read that jaw pain can be related to a unhealthy heart, but I my left ankle/foot. Also, I have had bad floaters for awhile now but when I clinch my jaw... "

" ...disk, sinus problem, chest infection, floaters in vision, pressure in ears, ...of these symptoms; 1 Floaters in Vision (on and ...tinitus and ear pain/pressure) 11 pain in jaw 12 My partner t... "

" was a constant full feeling in my head...sometimes pain in my jaw etc etc etc. Vision floaters are normal and it's likely you just started noticing... "

" ...I don't seem to have pain in my jaw when eating. I can pop ...more if it were TMJ wouldn't it? Also, the eye floaters and tinnitus are there 24/7 and if they were... "

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