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Flexeril is taken for: Pain Spasms Fibromyalgia* Cramping More


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Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant medication used to relieve skeletal muscle spasms and associated pain in Acute (medicine) musculo...
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Flexeril for Pain
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We analyzed what people said about Flexeril and compared it to other Pain medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Flexeril cause Kidney Failure ?

#162 in Flexeril discussions - 12 posts discuss Kidney Failure with Flexeril. Kidney Failure is #162 concern in Flexeril discussions.
We found 12 discussions
" ...on (flexeril, darvocet, ultram, and etodolac; since kicked-save the ultram, he wants me on that for pain, but I dont ever take it! ) to help with a FUBAR back and left shoulder (let's just say I'm ... "

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" i had kidney failure and have to be careful make sure my meds don't affect my kidneys .flexeril didn't hurt me while i was on it .i'm liver cause i have liver problems .i'm in a rock... "

" Flexeril will help me at night. ...but after I went into kidney failure my kidney specialist put me on nortriptyline. It has been the best medication I have going through my first flare i... "

" Can cause renal failure?! Wow, thanks for the info. ...for even five days. I broke down and took a flexeril earlier. Didn't do much for the pain, just made me turn into a drowsy pile... "

" ...I love the lisinopril, I usually have really high blood pressure and this really helps a TON, I also have some kidney problems since my kidney failure during my labor with Cy 7 years ago, I've nev... "

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" ...functioning fine though I had kidney failure the summer of 2012. My ...increased doses of Baclofen and Flexeril because it's believed to be ...spasticity. Plus I am taking 60 mg of ibuprofen ... "

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" ...Cipro, Zithromax, Bactrim and Septra DS can make your urine a different ...and don't risk your health, renal failure is no fun. Last thing tell me to take ib's and flexeril than not an... "

" ...the previous poster noted, ibuprofen can cause or contribute to renal failure when used in high doses ...ibuprofen shouldn't be an issue. Flexeril, however, is related to tricyclic... "

" ...Back Pain. Meds: Benicar, Nexium, Advair, Flexeril. AFTER - pic at official ...on a ventilator in respiratory and kidney failure... Yep, I nearly died...I would... "

" ...lately, that say \"I'm\" in Stage 3 renal failure. I didn't even know I ...told me to not take my arthritis meds, ibuprophen, Aleve, aspirin, as not to take Flexeril anymore! I'm waitin... "

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