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Flecainide is taken for: A Fib Arrythmia Ventricular Tachycardia


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Other names: Tambocor
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Flecainide acetate is a class Ic antiarrhythmic agent used to prevent and treat cardiac arrhythmias (abnormal fast rhythms of the hea...
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Flecainide for A Fib
2,997 conversations around the web about Flecainide to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Flecainide and compared it to other A Fib medications
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9 / 10
Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Flecainide cause Fainting ?

#6 in Flecainide discussions - 57 posts discuss Fainting with Flecainide. Fainting is #6 concern in Flecainide discussions.
We found 57 discussions
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" ...own and also passed out several times which ...while waiting, he prescribed Flecainide (2 a day), ...Bisoprolol and small Asprin. He said if I was lucky, I would have no side-effects and if I... "

" ...then send a rush to my head. When I was in the heart hospital there was a woman there whose heart would pause for 30 seconds and she'd pass out. Another guy had the same problem. The top of the hea... "

Post from
" ...Brugadas and am having the Flecainide test on Friday this week . The reason I have got to this stage is that I had a two fainting episodes about 18 months ...heart, my second fainting episode wa... "

" ...headed and nauseous, and have actually passed out. My heart rate is very ...that my Dr has put me on Metoprolol and it is the ...this awful pill. I've been on Sotolol, Flecainide prior to thi... "

" ...affects weight-loss or performance. My big weakness is Diet Coke. ...- since my rythym medication (Flecainide) could precipitate fainting due to my low blood pressure (80/60). Finally, Sumo... "

" ...went up. One drug that I have tried is Flecainide. It is an ...misdiagnosing. Anyways, since being on the flecainide, I have had better results with the as neurogenic syncope, is tre... "

" the very beginning of this I started having very frequent PVCs which made me feel SO horrible - I fould get this crawling sensation in the chest, followed by my breath being knocked out and i f... "

" ...syncope ...Flecainide (spelling?) and if you can quantify the effectiveness by PVC counts or cardia event counts. Agreed, if you search CPVT and this drug, one finds frequent mention of a recen... "

" ...was going to die or pass-out) so I elected to go ...hated Sotalol but I am better with Flecainide. Very strange how unique drugs minor...11 per hour pre Flecainide and 2 per hour with... "

Post from
" ...Flecainide has been tried twice . Initial trial was 75mg 2x day. I was fatigued and developed hand tremors . A few months ago when I finished Sotolol washout, my cardio opted to try Flecainide... "

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