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Flat Feet + Disability

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Ask a question
227 conversations around the web about Flat Feet + Disability to help you make a decision
227 conversations around the web about Flat Feet + Disability to help you make a decision
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Flat Feet & Disability

We found 227 discussions
" Wow! Flat feet and bad knees can get you disability? My poor hubby has been ...sponged off the gubmint. My daughter has cerebral palsy and can't talk, walk,... "

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" ...also lost weight while on the methotrexate. and just started Embrel for the PA. I also have osteo arthritis and Fibromyalgia a disability issue add the osteo and PA with a severe flat foo... "

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" ...a shame to lose his retirement and medical...He had thyroid problem in service and got a va disability for that and for flat feet and some back problems exactly 6 months after his... "

" ...something about this constant pain of mine and I figure this the Postal Service with flat feet. The feet explain the ankle well. Anyway, I'm a disabled vet on a fixed income... "

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" \"nolos Guide to Social Security Disability\". The info is invaluable, and ...Allsup to represent me. I had fibro, CFS, bilatersal severe pronation (flat feet) that caused nerve entrap... "

" ...Strawberry mark on neck Has flat feet Scars and Tattoos: Scar ...on forehead Traits and Habits: Has epilepsy (seizure disorder) Developmentally disabled May need medication Last See... "

" ...- bad knees, flat feet, and bi-polar disorder ...12 - 15 years after being diagnosed as bi-polar, 20 years after ...What finally put me on disability was chronic severe pain, fibromyalgia, lo... "

" ...he did on her fallen arches was a success. The letter did not mention disability. It was not admissible his letter supported disability. The ex did not claim disability during trial. Thi... "

" ...if you might have a disability that prevents you from doing ...scared of falling isn't a disability). I have bad knees degenerative ...disease in both ankles and flat feet but it doesn't st... "

" walking on my ankel. flat feet. I still have to do because I cant get disability. lay blocks etc.wast supposed to ...and there is on lortab.and that is what addicts look for the... "

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