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flashback, or involuntary recurrent memory, is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual has a sudden, usually powerful, re-...
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221,013 conversations around the web about Flashbacks to help you make a decision
221,013 conversations around the web about Flashbacks to help you make a decision
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Flashbacks & Violence

We found 942 discussions
" ...@ them wanting to get that flashback channel so they can watch some good ole cartoon violenc... "

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" ...were fighting and she had a flashback to her ex husband hitting ...So it will be domestic violence and post traumatic stress. ... "

" ...I have been through domestic violence at quite a high level ...sexually a lot. Been diagnosed with PTSD. Get flashbacks a l... "

" ...I have panic disorder. My doctor did ...out. Like I said, no flashbacks, no violen... "

" A dog can have a flashback is the antagonist it experienced through abuse shows later in life. ...with though. Robbery and violence is increasing as everyone... "

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" ...the largest deal of interpersonal violence... I don't understand this statement. tyr_13 Sorry, I'm having flashbacks to other, better, deflections. Is... "

" Have you been dx'd with PTSD? Sorry , I don't keep track very well. A flashback can cause protective violence, yes. I do think there can be a lot... "

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" ...from steamy sex and horrific violence to no sex scenes with horrific violence), so officially it's the third ...A huge portion of my novel uses flashbacks and nightmares which advance both... "

" Quote: They're just protesting the violence inherent in the system! giggity, wtf? Didn't we do ...years ago? Am I having flashbacks? Is it 2001 again? Oh... "

" ...Sometimes when im dropping off to sleep i get really horrible flashbacks and i jolt awake in fear - my stomach is doing somersaults - you know the one the one with the burning pain!!!... "

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