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Metronidazole (International Nonproprietary Name) is a nitroimidazole antibiotic medication used particularly for anaerobe bacterium ...
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Flagyl for Infection
45,446 conversations around the web about Flagyl to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Flagyl and compared it to other Infection medications
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Does Flagyl cause Vaginal Discharge ?

#28 in Flagyl discussions - 85 posts discuss Vaginal Discharge with Flagyl. Vaginal Discharge is #28 concern in Flagyl discussions.
We found 85 discussions
" ...then treated with flagyl twice a day for 10 days. I still noticed even after taking it when I had a bowel movement a thick clear jelly like vaginal discharge, but not as ...round of flagyl. Do y... "

" ...flagyl a day for 7 days. What dumb luck I seem to have had. I was given a lax. to day so now my bowels are moving and that has relieved most of the cramps. I do however have a vaginal discharge... "

" ...out asan wtiology for your vaginal discharge/odor. I had ablation in October ...foul-smelling discharge. I have been on Flagyl twice, Keflex twice and Macrobid... "

" ...vaginal discharge, watery thin white colour. Inserted Flagyl, with temporary relief. Solution? I am having recurrent vaginal discharge .now the discharge .than I used oral flagyl it s my... "

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" ...saying I have suffered from a normal vaginal discharge for a very ...smell after intercourse. Immediately I went to the doctor where she perscribed flagyl for me. I had i had a headach... "

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" ...a vaginal discharge with a foul smell ...done so she prescribed flagyl 2 weeks after i ...smell came back. i went to the doctor they prescribed again flagyl for 7 days the discharge went away... "

" ...control pills. Had a D&C. Whitish vaginal discharge, back pain. .... My doctor initially prescribed me flagyl . However ...lower back pain ...Im praying that im not pregnant, what else could ... "

" ...joined the site. This is my story, I had a vaginal discharge and went to a doctor who gave me Flagyl. Then I went to my gyno and he told me NOT to take Flagyl and gave me Metro- Gel,... "

" ...have had CHRONIC excessive thick white vaginal discharge since ...repeatedly she treats me with Flagyl for yeast infections and panties. If not an STD or infection, what's the problem ... "

" ...this site. I have had the SAME issue with vaginal discharge for FOREVER. My gynecologist's response ...seems to help, too. Meanwhile, I would suggest stopping that Flagyl stuff, as the... "

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