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Metronidazole (International Nonproprietary Name) is a nitroimidazole antibiotic medication used particularly for anaerobe bacterium ...
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Flagyl for Infection
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Does Flagyl cause Metallic Taste ?

#8 in Flagyl discussions - 331 posts discuss Metallic Taste with Flagyl. Metallic Taste is #8 concern in Flagyl discussions.
We found 331 discussions
metallic taste
I hate how you get the metallic taste right when you put the tab in your mouth. I got rid of it by eating a starburst before and after :)
February 4, 2015
I have that and it makes everything taste horrible

took this medicine for two weeks, left the awfuliest bitter taste in my mouth, just finished all of it, hope the taste goes away soon.

" ...metallic taste. made me want to gag every time i took it. anyway, i think i had a bad reaction to it because there was some nerve damage in my feet for awhile. for like a month my feet felt like th... "

" ...bad taste in my mouth and I just started iron sulphates and omeprazole. Is this normal? When I was on flagyl, I had a metallic... "

" flagyl causes a metallic taste too. I worked with heart ...a brain tumor but not cardiac disease. Sometimes brain problems cause... "

" ...I was on Flagyl I had a horrible metallic taste in my mouth. Everything was naaaaasty! You... "

" Flagyl always gives me a metallic taste in my mouth and a bit of a headache. I hope you continue to feel better after the course of... "

" ...metallic to me...even water. I hate flagyl. I do get nasusea and used to get it almost daily for about a year. I attributed it to rectal inflammation.... "

" ...on Flagyl and cipro for a month recently to heal an intestinal abcess. (It worked wonders, by the way) Flagyl left a horrible, chronic metallic taste in my... "

" How do I get rid of the metallic taste from Flagyl? I have to take Flagyl for 10 days and I've already but the nasty metallic taste in my mouth is driving me crazy. I... "

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