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Lymphedema (lymphoedema in British English), also known as lymphatic obstruction, is a condition of localized fluid retention an...
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54,750 conversations around the web about Lymphedema to help you make a decision
54,750 conversations around the web about Lymphedema to help you make a decision
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Fistula & Lymphedema

We found 12 discussions
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" ...are correct on both assumptions. My mother has a fistula and has diabetes (and other medical issues). Her medical alert watch ...alert bracelet stating she has lymphedema (sp?) in the arm she... "

" ...sorry to here about your fistula, mine also gave up early, also had steal syndrome in my hand, so ...i could not have another fistula in my right arm, and my left has lymphedema, so they wont to... "

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" to divert the lymphoedema in my groin area, so that it goes elsewhere. The lymphoedema causes me to run ...due to the lymphoedema in my groin. ...helps reduce the lymphoedema by twenty fiv... "

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" leg. I have had lymphedema in my left leg for 8 years after a gyn cancer operation which left me leg is still dry. The \"fistula\" (which might just be a sore???) is a bit... "

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" .../any other locations to put FISTULA ? Is it possible to ...your right arm, which has a risk of developing lymphedema. Please keep asking and researching until you find a... "

" ...available for lymphedema, including lymphatic massage, surgical ...complex microsurger... "

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" ...need to preserve veins for future AV graft or fistula, and the need to reduce the risk of lymphedema following lymph node dissection. Also, orthopedic or neurological conditions... "

" if someone has a fistula or catheter for dialysis in ...happened during surgery could cause both carpal tunnel AND lymphedema. A note to everyone: whenever you have contact with... "

" Lymphedema People ™ Lymphatic complications after, lymphatic complication, lymphocele, lymphedema, lymphatic fistuala, risk factor ...minor ones and lymphoedema. RESULTS: During th... "

" happening to you. First, lymphedema is not necessarily a quadrant based condition. Lymphedema may express itself across multiple ...are experiencing is actually lymphedema as lymphedema eve... "

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