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Fish Oil is taken for: High Cholesterol

Fish Oil

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Method of use: Pill, Syrup
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
Fish oil is oil derived from the biological tissue of oily fish. Fish oils contain the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)...
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Fish Oil for High Cholesterol
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Fish Oil, Krill Oil and Dry Eyes

We found 18 discussions
Post from
krill) oil I noticed zero positive effect on my dry eye, so...
" ...specified on Walgreens fish oil bottles for months in a row. I.E. after a dental visit I disturbed a tooth and it would bleed for a lot longer than I expected it to. In general after... "

Post from
I switched from taking Krill Oil to using Flax Seed and...
" ...switched from taking Krill Oil ...were also dry no matter what I did but now all dryness is skin is not dry either...amazing results that I did not get from the Krill Oil. I use about ... "

And another reason to use fish oil ! (DHA is in fish...
" ...another reason to use fish oil ! (DHA is in fish oil). Here is an interesting article about krill oil and dry... "

me--too I take krill oil (fish oil) , grape seed extract,...
" ...(fish oil) , grape seed extract, ginger or garlic supp, things to thin out my blood . I have a thick blood cond. Called APS -antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (huges syndrome)., But my rhmy classi... "

my reflux. My mom thinks krill oil helps her osteoarthritis...
" ...etc. If you're interested in trying Omega 3, I would just take whatever supplement sounds appealing to you, taking side effects and price into consideration. I doubt this brand name \"Omega XL'... "

and I am already taking krill oil, similar to fish oil, so...
" oil, so if it's doing something I can't imagine what it would be like if I wasn't taking it. Mister_Hostspur - I kind of had a similar problem when I tried the Acuvue Advance. They were bi... "

Post from
but I have been taking Krill oil for a long time even...
" ...this, I wonder if other post-op laser surgery patients would benefit from going on an Omega 3 oil. I am only a \"sample of one,\" so my case by itself proves nothing, but I have been taking Krill... "

Post from
are broader. I take fish oil, flaxseed oil, krill oil...
" ...eyes I usually wear wrap around sun glasses. Maui Jim's. I have a prescription for progressive lenses and there is distortion on the sides. But if you don't need prescription lenses, your options ... "

do a google search on \"fish oil and dry eyes\" you can get...
" search on \"fish oil and dry eyes\" you can get ...Cub Food. In addition to fish oil, someone spoke of \"krill oil\"; believe they said they found it even better than fish oil. (Have ... "

eyes feel. 1. Krill Oil (2 pills) 2. DHA/EPA (2 pills)...
" my eyes feel. 1. Krill Oil (2 pills) 2. DHA/EPA (2 ...Maxi Tears (4 pills) 5. Fish Oil Triple Strength (1 pill) 6. ...the Ginkgold Eyes and the Fish Oil Triple Strength and then I'm... "

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