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Fish Oil is taken for: High Cholesterol

Fish Oil

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Method of use: Pill, Syrup
*Off Label
Category: Dietary supplement
Fish oil is oil derived from the biological tissue of oily fish. Fish oils contain the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)...
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Fish Oil for High Cholesterol
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Fish Oil & Colonoscopy

We found 251 discussions
" see your Dr, mention it. They recommend colonoscopy starting at age 50, but I had mine when I was 36 due to my digestive woes. Do you take a probiotic and or yogurt? Fish... "

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" ...Crohn's or something similar. He told me fish oil is good for inflammation, and he says my intestines are ...don't want to get a colonoscopy done which he says is... "

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" Fish oil grosses some people out. However, ...for those people. I was on flax seed and fish oil, never had any problems and my cholesterols were ...I had to go off the fish oil and flax se... "

" ...Vit. D, NAC and Fish oil. Best bang for my buck. That said, she has given excellent pointers. I recommend ...the ASD kids have gut inflammation and/or leaky gut. ...such but IBS, and colonos... "

" Dawn, is your son taking fish oil now? You need to discontinue it for the time ...7 days prior to my colonoscopy. The dr's office said... "

" ...I'm having a colonoscopy next week, and ...thinning--like aspirin and fish oil. I stopped the fish oil on Sunday and began having a low-grade headache on Monday... "

" ...started Pentasa only 1grm twice a day, diagnosis 2 weeks ago colonoscopy and path test mild ...the morning, Iam taking a good prbiotic fish oil and aloe Ver... "

" ...interuptions and much more comfortable. Good luck with your colonoscopy. ibcmets: Great news on the femera. Just started taking fish oil & Vit E & will start some other supplements... "

" Fish oil. Especially as much as I ...colonoscopy doc told me to go off... "

Post from
" ...around 7 weeks with great results! Then came the colonoscopy this week. Bad news, I have to have between ...problem is monitoring the fiber content. I also take fish oil. Any... "

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