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Fibromyalgia (new Latin, fibro-, fibrous tissues, Gk. myo-, muscle, Gk. algos-, pain, meaning muscle and connective tissue...
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Common Fibromyalgia treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 20,413 Cymbalta 14,896 Tramadol 7,340
667,525 conversations around the web about Fibromyalgia to help you make a decision
667,525 conversations around the web about Fibromyalgia to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia & Scalp Tenderness

4.21% of the posts that mention Scalp Tenderness also mention Fibromyalgia (18 posts)
Scalp Tenderness
We found 18 discussions
" ...they refer to as scalp tenderness, never used to be ...complete at each visit. It seems that most of the things that a Rheumatologist treats, including Fibro, the patients have scalp tenderne... "

" ...discussion about scalp tenderness, and I guess I am not alone! Having extreme scalp tenderness possibly related to my Fibro is just ...body that Fibro WON\"T hit??... "

" ...the scalp tenderness. The top of ...We do have light sensitivities with fibromyalgia so that's not weird. Check out the Symptoms link in Fibro 101 and you ...makes you have the pain behind ... "

" ...checked out the lyme board?? Fibro bacteria and lyme have alot ...still to this day have scalp tenderness..but I also have GOOSE ...tissue is VERY INFLAMMED fibro doctor agrees it... "

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" ...because of the steroid side effects. i had heard that you can have scalp tenderness with fibromyalgia, but never heard of PMR scalp tenderness without the arteries being involved. Thanks for your... "

" ...sweating, facial swelling, facial and scalp tenderness, Thanks for posting this blog, will watch with interest. Your fibro... "

" four months I experience the scalp tenderness. It is so tender to ...a co-worker who also has fibro and says the same thing.... "

Post from
" scalp tenderness ever since nov when i ...eventually led to dx of sjorgrens and fibro Ive had ... "

Post from
" ...Do any of you ever get scalp tenderness? I have a sore, tender spot above my left ear - actually idea if it is fibro related or not but it... "

" ...anything that helped my fibro pain and the lupus ...Thanks for the clarity that fribro can cause scalp tenderness. I hadn't heard that yet. ...first thought was that was fibro as well since i... "

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