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Fibromyalgia (new Latin, fibro-, fibrous tissues, Gk. myo-, muscle, Gk. algos-, pain, meaning muscle and connective tissue...
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Common Fibromyalgia treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 20,382 Cymbalta 14,868 Tramadol 7,327
666,845 conversations around the web about Fibromyalgia to help you make a decision
666,845 conversations around the web about Fibromyalgia to help you make a decision
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Fibromyalgia & Kidney Disease

0.55% of the posts that mention Kidney Disease also mention Fibromyalgia (628 posts)
Kidney Disease
We found 628 discussions
" ...however I started having kidney problems and the Neurologist So now I have successfully cycled through all Fibromyalgia drugs. Cymbalta, Savella, Nuerontin... "

" ...have fibro and am on tramadol. It is a mild ...blood work came back showing kidney damage from CT contrast dyes and chemo treatment. The Mobic really did the trick, but can also cause kidney dam... "

" bad. Plus, felt very weirded out on it. Effexor seems to be the only type I can tolerate. But it is just me. I am very sensitive to drugs. I can't take nsaids because of previous kidney... "

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" to concentrate more than anything else. Other than that, I have 0 side effects. I can take anywhere from 200 - 600 mill. / day. I also take 16 other meds. I have severe fibro., arthritis,... "

" ...Fibromyalgia since 1995 and it SUCKS great big toe jammy toes! I've been taking Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) 10 mg ...For my kidney disease, I take ...certain diseases. Polycystic Kidney Dise... "

" ...loss. Feels great, huh.? Have you tried Lyrica for the Fibro pain??I don't have FM, but my pain specialist put me on ...happy with it (I have kidney disease) and I had to go... "

" ...My daughter took a N.O. supplement and has been in hospital since with kidney problems and chronic fatigue - fibromyalgia and... "

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" ...DX of Fibromyalgia I'm getting so much ...try to treat first. If I treat one thing it interferes with another...DM, stage 3 renal disease and now Fibro. Where oh where w... "

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" ...have a lot of pain. Celebrex worked fine when the doctor let me take 200 mg twice a day. Because of scares about celebrex's possible connection to heart trouble, she cut me down to one a day. At th... "

" ...kidney disease pain since the gov't and media has decided that taking oxyco is for street addicts. Note that renal colic is number 4 for pain, RA and cancer being higher on the list. I found... "

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