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Fibromyalgia (new Latin, fibro-, fibrous tissues, Gk. myo-, muscle, Gk. algos-, pain, meaning muscle and connective tissue...
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Common Fibromyalgia treatments discussed around the web
Lyrica 20,331 Cymbalta 14,808 Tramadol 7,304
665,440 conversations around the web about Fibromyalgia to help you make a decision
665,440 conversations around the web about Fibromyalgia to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia & Black Cohosh

We found 78 discussions
" ...I have tried has caused me a rash and other nasty careful. I take black Cohosh to help with hot flashes, I take Omega 3 complete, salmon capsule, much for my fibro pain, the m... "

" Hi ladies, hysterectomy must be why the black cohosh didn't help me that much. I did give it ...snow. It gives me headaches, fibro pain and makes me a... "

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" ...I'm having could be from fibro or lupus. I had a ...even tried evening primrose oil, black cohosh and ginsing and still no ...will attribute them to the lupus/fibro as I recently told him... "

" ...sweeties to you. I sure hope you get rid of that headache...Grrrrrr.... I know the ...joint supplement ... us fibro gals need all the much.... good reading!!!! Black cohosh is an... "

" a while (I also have fibromyalgia so that is a contributor ...I do take Remifemin, which is black cohosh, but don't know how long ...was first post op. I had mini-hot flashes, but now it'... "

" ...better with all that bulk gone..going to try the black cohosh as soon as I can get out to get ...budgies are sick of talking to each other. lol..hoping fibro gives everyone a bit of peace today ... "

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" ...fibromyalgia, but did my best to ignore them (worse idea). I finally got too sick to go on fire/ambulance calls, and had to quit my hospital work. By the time I found a doctor who knew what to look... "

" ...first reaction to stress. That's fibromyalgia for you... Jim, to answer ...I also sometimes get numbing in different parts ...few people have written like black cohosh might be the closes... "

" ...keep coming up that people don't lose or retain water during the second ...scale. tamjlm---sorry about the FMS flare. Hoping for some ...the tip about the Black Cohosh and Evening Pr... "

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" ...put me on 75 mg effexor daily and that has helped ...blankets don't warm me up. Black cohosh doesn't work for me, I'm blood count), arthritis, and fibromyalgia, it's been difficult. I... "

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