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leiomyoma (plural is 'leiomyomata') is a benign smooth muscle neoplasm that is not premalignant. They can occur in any organ, but the ...
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Common Fibroids treatments discussed around the web
Lupron 7,507 Mirena 1,953 Ibuprofen 1,524
251,199 conversations around the web about Fibroids to help you make a decision
251,199 conversations around the web about Fibroids to help you make a decision
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Fibroids & Hydrogen Peroxide

We found 24 discussions
" find out i had a fibroid. Doctor had never mentioned it ...with my cycle... I used hydrogen peroxide on my incision on the ...and then a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and saline that the... "

" s Mary I had the fibroids, and my uterus was swollen 2 1/2 times it's normal size. My Dr. ...looks pretty good ( I used a mix of 50/50% hydrogen peroxide and water on it to keep it clean a... "

" ...let you know that my incision weeped a little bit too, I dabbed at it with hydrogen peroxide and in a couple of! Peachy TAH/BSO 1/5/01 cyst, fibroids, endo, adeno, adhesions .625 prem... "

" ...continue to use the hydrogen peroxide on it. I am ...does help you feel better. I went out ...weeks. Janice TH-enlarged uterus (HUGE), fibroid, cysts, endometriosis, hemoragh... "

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" ...the Dr. found a fibroid tumor on the bottom ...been regular, but there has been spotting in between periods. In periods. I've been using hydrogen peroxide and neosporin to clean it ou... "

" ...internal sutures. I also have an infection in my incision. Just treating with Hydrogen Peroxide. Its looking a little better ...Vicki Supracervical hysterectomy for fibroids, kept cerv... "

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" hydrogen peroxide baths? I finished a 10 ...the evenings. I, too, have fibroids, but this last period after can do when you are hungry. I just read something... "

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" ...the diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide and or ozonated water would also help shrink a... "

" ...endo, multiple ovarian cysts, adhesions, fibroids and unspecified uterine enlargement. I holiday and he is still angry at me for ...cleaned it very well with hydrogen peroxide and cove... "

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" ...ganoderma mushrooms in it along with several others for building a stronger immune system. There are testimonies of this blend helping women break up fibroids after ...grade hydrogen peroxide d... "

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