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leiomyoma (plural is 'leiomyomata') is a benign smooth muscle neoplasm that is not premalignant. They can occur in any organ, but the ...
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Common Fibroids treatments discussed around the web
Lupron 7,489 Mirena 1,933 Ibuprofen 1,516
249,885 conversations around the web about Fibroids to help you make a decision
249,885 conversations around the web about Fibroids to help you make a decision
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Fibroids & Ginger

We found 240 discussions
" returned quicker than expected and now I have fibroids to top it off. Pain has been back since ...\"limitations\" - Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks so much Gin... "

" ...for me. I do feel relieved! I didn't have endo, but did have fibroids is and out side of my uterus. He took it and my cervix, ...wrong. Thanks again for clearing that up. Best wishes! ... "

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" the pill and fibroids I am an American living was discovered in an U/S that I have a fibroid. I have since gone onto a macrobiotic diet (to will not make the fibroid grow if I take ... "

" ...- great NT scans! Daney, Ginger and all those with migraines ...suck! Maggie - hope your fibroids stop growing and disintegrate! I'm ...every day, but have been sick the last 4... "

" Hi there Ginger When i first got diagonosed with BC i didnt have any pain, I dont think many people do. I think its just the fibroid but obviously your worried. I... "

" We buy \"ginger capsules\" in the vitamin section have nausea? Bridie, I love ginger for nausea. I do remember ...I have NO idea why. My biggest fibroid was in my cervix... "

" ...I was out of bed by 7:30 pm! My surgeon suspected adenomyosis but all the fibroids were a surprise. No complications and no surprises for ...morning. A word of caution: Ginger ale feels great on... "

" ...some with me. On a similar theme, I've found ginger and lemon tea very useful for nausea. At least one of my fibroids is so big it's interfering ...- so at the moment, ginger is my great... "

" ...walking into the building. I think it it because I have drunk two ginger ales to help my nausea and a 11cm fibroid on the outside of my uterus. I will make 8 weeks on "

" ...allowed to drink is ginger, chamomile, and mint because ...very easily stimulated uterus, I've been bleeding for three weeks which ...unusual for me (I have PCOS and a fibroid), but I certain... "

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