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leiomyoma (plural is 'leiomyomata') is a benign smooth muscle neoplasm that is not premalignant. They can occur in any organ, but the ...
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Common Fibroids treatments discussed around the web
Lupron 7,489 Mirena 1,935 Ibuprofen 1,516
250,002 conversations around the web about Fibroids to help you make a decision
250,002 conversations around the web about Fibroids to help you make a decision
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Fibroids & Cod Liver Oil

We found 40 discussions
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" issue of Prevention. Vitamin D deficiency linked to fibroid formation. No wonder Cod Liver oil solved my fibroid problem! Cod Liver oil = A &... "

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" ...of T-tapp, Cod Liver Oil, Alfalfa and ...adding K-tea, I have been having break through bleeding (haven't experienced this since my 20's). I believe it is dissolving fibroids. T-tapp Trainer,... "

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" ...lost an ovary to polycystic ovary syndrome and dealing ...some around-the-house advice on your fibroids and anemia (both of which ...B's had some success with cod liver oil and her bleeding, ... "

" ...or abnormal sperm. EFAs have also been shown to reduce fibroids and endometriosis) So without eating It also said without cod liver oil. Anyhelp would be appreciated.... "

" ...books. They believe the combination of coconut oil and cod liver oil is nourishing for hypothyroidism, so I am trying that. ...its daily use has reduced my fibroid tumors significantly. I use it... "

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" meant to reduce fibroids,was spotting like greenish colour ...cider vineger(organic)n spotting too plus cod liver oil took away much spotting. This ...week on monday my bleeding is ... "

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" them due to having fibroids. I have gradually weaned myself with anxiety etc. I take Starflower, multi vits, cod liver oil and extra B vitamins to name but a few... "

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" might have been some fibroids dissolving. I am not sure, .... I have been taking Cod Liver Oil ever since reading about it ...Price's website. Check out my fibroid story on the T-tapp... "

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" Fgest used in shrinking fibroid tumors in the uterus I ...the process of using a cod liver oil pack. I was wondering if ...and that I also have a fibroid on top of the... "

" ...Mom. My own mother had very a very serious fibroid problem and she told me are getting. My fibroids for the last several one capsule of Carlson's cod liver oil per 30 lbs bod... "

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