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Fever (also known as pyrexia or controlled hyperthermia) is a common medical sign characterized by an elevation of tempera...
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Common Fever treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 59,603 Motrin 22,645 Ibuprofen 15,541
1,287,642 conversations around the web about Fever to help you make a decision
1,287,642 conversations around the web about Fever to help you make a decision
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Fever & White Blood Cell Count Normal

20% of the posts that mention White Blood Cell Count Normal also mention Fever (6 posts)
White Blood Cell Count Normal
We found 6 discussions
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" ...out of the hospital. I was admitted for four days, due to a fever and severe neutropenia (low white blood cell count). Normal WBC count is 4.6-11. Mine was 1.0 when I was admitted. This was... "

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" No ringing in the ears . Just got a call from my Dr, ...but slowly becoming more concerned since I have no infection (white blood cell count normal) and a fever for 6 days now.... "

" ...blood results that indicated high white blood cell count, normal red blood cell count, platelets ...have some bruises. No fever. I feel fine. A ...out that I had an abscessed tooth. The docto... "

" ...taken blood- what is her White Blood Cell count? Normal range is 4k-10k a number ...if so do they have tylenol as an ingredient (percocet, vicodin, used to reduce fevers, so this co... "

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" .... Q4Could pulmonary edema have been mistaken for pneumonia ? She had no fever , white blood cell count normal, microbiologic cultures of her lung tissue were negative. Yes, I have known many... "

" ...days ago. She has no fever and her bowels are normal. ...all the time. Her blood counts are normal eg. white blood cell count normal so the dr. has ruled out bacterial infection. Still... "

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