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Fever (also known as pyrexia or controlled hyperthermia) is a common medical sign characterized by an elevation of tempera...
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Common Fever treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 59,688 Motrin 22,657 Ibuprofen 15,573
1,290,032 conversations around the web about Fever to help you make a decision
1,290,032 conversations around the web about Fever to help you make a decision
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Fever & Tired All The Time

0.53% of the posts that mention Tired All The Time also mention Fever (801 posts)
Tired All The Time
We found 801 discussions
" and my daughter had the flu about 3 weeks ago. She had a fever and was just really tired all the time and cranky. I gave her Tylenol and made sure to give ...the flu makes you feel awful but ... "

" I have had a constant fever that goes up and down (usually higher as the day progresses). I take Tylenol every four hours. ...nausea and diarreah. I am tired all the time and getting weak... "

" ...fever of 104. Thought it was strep because throat was sore af. Turned out to be mono. Gave me some steroids for throat and rehydrated me. Went home and for the next two days I alternated between Ty... "

" ...I felt swelling under my ...Shortly after, the pain spreaded on knees and ...I also had low grade fever in the evening. I felt tired all the time. I took aleve but it did not work for me. F... "

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" ...out for half an hour I come back feeling bad. I can;t get rid of the low grade fever which makes me very weak. my ribs hurt so ...what it is and i am so so tired all the time. I was at the rheu... "

" Well I have glandular stupid fever and I just feel tired all the time. Its a pain I cant... "

" ...when nothing else had, both with mania and depression. I did gain a significant amount of weight, but it was such a good drug for me. Unfortunately I had a \"hypersensitivity reaction\" where I w... "

" ...old cousin is throwing up yellow liquid and cant keep anything down has a low grade fever pain in his legs and very tired all the time. we took him to the hospital they said it was a virus but... "

" ...her anti depressants because she was worried about having high temperature constantly and feeling tired all the time for about a month. I've given up on doctors.... "

" ...have had a fever for a week now, I I have had a fever for a week now, I feel tired all the time, and I have no ...monday and they gave me Azithromycin and tomorrow is ...should do? my fever ... "

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