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Fever (also known as pyrexia or controlled hyperthermia) is a common medical sign characterized by an elevation of tempera...
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Common Fever treatments discussed around the web
Tylenol 59,687 Motrin 22,657 Ibuprofen 15,573
1,289,946 conversations around the web about Fever to help you make a decision
1,289,946 conversations around the web about Fever to help you make a decision
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Fever & Systemic Mastocytosis

1.42% of the posts that mention Systemic Mastocytosis also mention Fever (8 posts)
Systemic Mastocytosis
We found 8 discussions
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" ...was diagnosed with Systemic Mastocytosis. During this time ...3 weeks, I have experienced two occassions of fever and bleeding from the ...any other people with Systemic Mastocytosis who ... "

" ...ago that I had borderline lupus which at the ...what my dermapathologist thought was systemic mastocytosis (mast cell disease) which turns ...very hot) like a fever with dizziness. Light sen... "

" ...cell disease diagnosis is either Systemic mastocytosis or \"monoclonal mast cell activation ...your husband's meds when he is sick? Both bacteria and ...and if he had a fever, that would have... "

" ...thyroid cancer, valley fever and dysauotnomia, so ...thought I had systemic mastocytosis and I do ...system, so I have to be really careful. But I did find that small amounts of benadryl help... "

Post from
" ...and it was not given as a split dose. Systemic mastocytosis is extremely rare and most medical doctors have never ...Other than the very high fevers as an infant, all of... "

" ...with a sore throat and fever that night. I have had ...freckle went away with the redness. My uncle has systemic mastocytosis so hopefully I arent carrying that too... or can... "

" Systemic Mastocytosis Out of control symptoms include 139/90. Run low grade fevers off and on. Frequent diaria, ...past month. Currently using Claritin, pepcid, Benadryl, which seem to hel... "

" ...throughout the day with mild fever, constantly swollen lymph nodes, blood ...ive had a low grade fever now for over a year. i have systemic mastocytosis and i always have low... "

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